i.READ... :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

..Last Wednesday, i have to travel to Region 2 (Tuguegarao Area) because we have our machine installation the next day in Ballesteros, Cagayan... and bein' the Product and Applications Specialist, i should always be present on those kind of installations since i'm the one who gives the in-depth knowledge and hands on training on how to use the machine properly and how to interpret the results... so even though Ballesteros is really far, far away from home and that it's actually near Aparri already, i really can't complain because that's all part of my work... and mind you guys, i heard another doctor will purchase the same machine in the Mountain Province area... oh come on, gawd! good luck to me on traveling to those far away areas... :(

..Thursday came... and since I am now in Tuguegarao, it's the sales rep's duty to accompany and drive me goin' to Ballesteros, Cagayan... so at least now I am indeed a passenger..yhay! :) while heading to the said place and nothing to do but just sit and be a passenger... i grabbed the books that was located on the front's  compartment. And one book caught my attention when I saw its title : How to Turn Thoughts into Things by Bo Sanchez... And since I'm bored of not doin' anything, so while we are traveling I started reading the book to see if it's worth reading... just by reading 3-5 pages, i was hooked up to continue reading until I finally have finished 5 chapters and ended there for the mean time, since we already arrived on our destination.  
..I've been very busy that day so no time for me to read again the book. And after we finished at around 4pm, we again traveled back to Tuguegarao.. We had our dinner at Tuguegarao and then from there i need to travel back to Pampanga, since I have an appointment after lunch the next day... I've reached Pampanga around 7am and took a nap for a while then woke up around 10am to prep myself for my appointment that afternoon.
..I just continued reading the book Saturday morning (yesterday) and finished reading by that day.... and to tell you, the book is really worth reading and I highly recommend it to you, my dear readers... :)

                           ..you can actually read this book in one sitting... :)

.. I want to share some infos that you would see when you finally read the book.

You can't be successful in life without these two essential things: Giftedness and godliness.
Giftedness is the ability to turn into things.
Godliness is the ability to use that giftedness to serve.
Giftedness is like God in His skills.
Godliness is being like God in His service.
Giftedness is being like God in His power.
Godliness is being like God in His love.
Giftedness is charisma. Godliness is character.
Take Note: You can be successful with giftedness alone, but success will be short-lived and isolated in one or two areas of your life. For real success that spans your whole life, you need giftedness and godliness.

To be successful, follow the Operating System... and the Operating System of the Universe is the Law of the Harvest.
..The Law of the Harvest states that: What you plant, you harvest. What you don't plant, you don't harvest. The more you plant, the more you harvest. The less you plant, the less you harvest.
In relation to the Bible... 2 Corinthians 9:6 - Remember this saying "A few seeds make a small harvest, but a lot of seeds make a big harvest."

..Make a decision now to plant today what you want to harvest tomorrow... =) there's indeed a season for planting and a season for harvesting. Plant, plant, plant and you'll soon harvest...
..And even if you see no results, keep planting. Don't give up. Believe that harvest is coming. =)

..Plant in the Right environment. The Law of the Harvest says, "What you plant, you harvest." But hidden in this Law is the need to plant your seeds in the right environmental conditions: good sunlight and abundant water.  If you plant the right seeds at the wrong environment, there will still be no harvest. What is the right environment? FAITH...
..You need to plant your seeds with a blessing mindset. Faith is the water and sunlight of your seeds. What is the blessing mindset? That no matter what happens, you expect to be blessed. That you expect good things to happen to you. If you want to be blessed you have to expect to be blessed. You have to expect the harvest.

..These things were just some of the infos I want to stressed out to you dear readers. I tell you read the book, for us to turn those THOUGHTS into THINGS.

Remember J-boy's famous line: THOUGHTS.BECOME.THINGS. Only and Through God. =)  i certainly agree!!! ^_^

i.READ =)
           ..seriously reading and absorbing everything from the book, yhay! =)

..And oh btw, i also recommend to you my dear readers this book as well...

..Only those who SEE their dream are able to SEIZE their dream... Always remember that... =)

..May our dreams come true in His perfect time.... ^_^  God bless us all....

Getting to Know Each Other - TAG Game

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

..I've been tagged by Charlie. :)

* Create a New Blog Post.
* Paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your title as "Getting to Know Each Other!"
* Tagged as many people as you like :)
* Contact the bloggers to let them know they've been tagged

1. What time did you get up this morning?
- 6:30 am

2. How do you like your steak?
- well done

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
- Iron Man 2... ( oh yeah, it's been months..haha)

4. What is your favorite TV show?
- i'm not a TV person... but i seldom watch Agua Bendita and the teleserye after that, i forgot the title.. basta yung kay Kim & Gerald, with Coco Martin...haha i'm a fan of Coco Martin kc.. (crush ko xa) :))

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? 
- i ♥ PARIS...

6. What did you have for breakfast?
-  coffee lang dear.. :) late for work na kc.. :))

7. What is your favorite cuisine?
- Italian& Phil. cuisine xempre... :) --proud PINAY :)

8. What foods do you dislike?
- dinuguan.. 'yun lang period... :)

9. Favorite place to eat?
- anywhere will do.. basta clean and nice ambience...

10. Favorite dressing?
- anything will do...

11. What kind of vehicle do you drive?
- honda jazz :)

12. What are your favorite clothes?
- dresses

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance? . . .
- Maldives.. i like! :)

14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?
- 1/2 full

15. Where would you want to retire?
- still here in the Philippines, close to my family.. :)

16. Favorite time of day?
- night.. i'm such a nocturnal person!:)

17. Where were you born?
- City of San Fernando, Pampanga 

18. What is your favorite sport to watch?
- Basketball

19. Who do you think will not tag you back?
- i have no idea...

20. Person you expect to tag you back first?
- i have also no idea...

21. Who are you most curious about their responses to this?
- i dunno...

22. Bird watcher?
- sky watcher...

23. Are you a morning person or a night person?
- night person

24. Do you have any pets?
- yes,2 dogs..both shih tzu... :)

25. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?
- ohhh, can't think of any right now...

26. What did you want to be when you were little?
- when i grow up, i want to be a doctor!!! and now that i'm a grown up, i want to be an International Flight Attendant... yhay! :)

27. What is your best childhood memory?
- playing patintero, maro, jackstone and 10/20 or chinese garter... :D

28. Are you a cat or dog person?
- dog person

29. Are you married?
- Soon.. haha :)

30. Always wear your seat belt?
- yes...

31. Been in a car accident?
-yes, but not that serious though... 

32. Any pet peeves?
-  hmmmm, can't think of any at this time... sorry...

33. Favorite Pizza Toppings?
- Cheese, ham and mushroom... :)

34. Favorite Flower?
-tulips :)

35. Favorite ice cream?
- pistachios, coffee crumble.... yummy!

36. Favorite fast food restaurant?
-mcdo and burger king...

37. How many times did you fail your driver's test?
- never

38. From whom did you get your last email?
- from facebook... haha

39. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
- Marionnaud and Guess/Mango...

40. Do anything spontaneous lately?
- yessss, and that's driving...

41. Like your job?
- hmmmm, yeah.. but i would love to get my dream job soon... :)

42. Broccoli?
- with beef...

43. What was your favorite vacation?
- Boracay summer get away with the MGs....

44. Last person you went out to dinner with?
-  dad

45. What are you listening to right now?
- ♫♫ ♫♪ ♫.. Do you know what's worth fighting for... When it's not worth dying for? Does it take you breath away and you feel yourself suffocating? Does the pain weight out the pride? And you look for a place to hide? Does someone break your heart inside? You're in ruins... One, 21 guns.. Lay down your arms.. Give up the fight... One, 21 guns.. Throw up your arms into the sky... You and I..... ♫♫ ♫♪ ♫ ---21 Guns by Green day

46. What is your favorite color?
- blue, green and black.. :)

47. How many tattoos do you have?
- none...

48. How many are you tagging for this quiz?
- i still don't know yet...

49. What time did you finish this quiz?
- 11:05 am

50. Coffee drinker?
- Yes.. super... :)


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Verity (starbitee)
Aron (eironotics)
Malou (biancqx)

..i call it 'derma marathon'

Saturday, May 29, 2010

..my derma marathon started today!!! yicks... i think i need to be numb for me not to feel the pain... even though Dra. Madge applied anesthesia on my face, still i can feel the pain... oh btw, i'm talking about the "derm roller and stretching procedure" and those were the things i call 'derma marathon'... oh crap, very expensive procedure indeed but i really badly need it... 'sigh'

..need to get rid of this pimple mark/s on my left cheek.... pls, pls GO AWAY!!!

..yes, yes, yes... this was the pimple mark noticed by the RBA employer... :( the one on my left cheek area! :( that's me when i don't have any make up on my face at all.....pale, pale,pale! good morning everyone! :)

..indeed, a Flight Attendant hopeful should have a clear (oh sooo clear) face... tsk tsk... :( why am i not blessed with a zit-free face??? :( why is it that when i have zit/s, it will leave me a brown mark/spot on my face??? haaayyyyy.. :(

..i decided to have my derma procedure/treatment done by Dra. Majella Arenas of Xensiderm.. :) very nice and supportive dermatologist... i recommend her to you guys... :)

 ..Dra Madge just finished applying anesthesia here... need to wait for 30 minutes for the anesthesia to take effect... :)

 ..i look so serious here??? deep inside i'm praying 'coz i'm so damn nervous with the procedure... saw the fine needles that will roll my face then.... crappy! :-(

..this shots were during the actual procedure... oh gawd, eventhough there's anesthesia, still i felt the pain... terribly painful... :-( sorry for these pictures, yeah i know..bloody...gross ryt?.. yick!

..procedure done! i SURVIVED the first session... yhay! five more sessions to go on the coming weeks... :)

 ..bought these things after... will be needing these sunblock and hypo soap, as well as the other solutions given by YSA Skin Care as recommended by Dra Madge... =)

..for me, i'll take my RBA experience as a "challenge".... :)  if i'm not meant for RBA, then i think and i believe i deserve something much better than that... :) Nothing is impossible with God... :)

..and to tell you, i had a very important message today from God in my FB account...
                   On this day, God wants you know....that there is a time and a season for everything. It may be a time of new beginnings, a time of growth, a time of reaping the harvest of hard work, or a time of rest. Trust this beautiful order. Everything in its time. =)

..perfect timing right?.. :) and i take this message as a SIGN... :) yhay!!! :)

..May God bless us all... :)


Thursday, May 27, 2010

LORD, when i lose hope because my plans have come to nothing, help me to remember that Your LOVE is always greater than my disappointments and Your PLANS for my life are always BETTER than my DREAMS... Amen

^_^ (patiently waiting...)

..my RBA experience

As seen in my previous post, I thought I wasn’t included in the shortlisted candidates for Royal Brunei Airlines… but to my surprise, I received a text message from PERT agency last Tuesday (May 25) at around 9PM informing me to report the next day at 8am in Pan Pacific Hotel for an employer interview. Oh gawd, very very late notice… I was in Baguio then..:(

The next day 8am, I registered my name in the attendance sheet… I reviewed Melissa’s handouts which was given to them the other day, because they said that the exam that will be given during that day would be all about RBA and “geography” stuff… :D haha, goodluck right!?! :D
When the employer came ( I think they were 5 if I remember it right)..they took our height and weight one by one… some who didn’t meet the said height requirement (minimum height btw is 5’3.5”) were told right there and then that “I’m sorry you can’t continue, thanks for trying”…

..And there my turn came, I’m really fortunate enough that I've reached their height requirement… =)

Second stage : 2 sets of exam ( 1st – English/grammar test and 2nd – Geography)… the 1st test was just easy, but the second test I find it hard ‘coz I wasn’t able to review much on the handouts given to them... I just scanned Melissa’s handouts when I reached the hotel… (oh btw, thanks mhel for your handouts…)
After the exam, we were grouped in two… the first batch will stay for their Final interview with the employer.. the second batch were informed to be back at 1:30PM or after lunch… and I belong to the second batch.. =)

When my turn was called… there were 2 ladies in the room (one is currently a cabin crew of RBA)… they asked me of my name and the lady who’s a cabin crew noticed my pimple scar on my left cheek which was really visible at that time… I was instructed to go near her so that she can see it clearly… and the lady asked if where did I get it and if I’m undergoing some derma procedure… and I answered honestly and said “YES” and I’m undergoing some derma procedures right now… and there she told me if how many weeks/months would I need for it to be removed and I again answered “a month for me to complete the whole 6 sessions”… and they talked in another language which I can't understand what they were saying or discussing to each other… after which, the lady cabin crew told me to be back at the agency after a month and they will check again for my face if the pimple scar is already totally gone… and there, they didn’t anymore continue the interview part, and just advised me to call the PERT agency and be back after a month when I finished my derma sessions… I said thank you to them and told them that I’ll be back after a month ‘coz I really want to be a cabin crew for RBA… and the lady cabin crew said with matching a thumbs up sign on her hand “I like your attitude and your motivation..be back after a month”…
Whew! and that was it… the end of my conversation with them… So when I came out of the room, I informed Ma’am Cherry of PERT of what the employer have said.. and she said, okay will just take note of that and she smiled and said be back after a month…
That was it… On my way to the car, I told my dad who assisted me to Pan Pacific Hotel of the whole conversation I had with the employer… and he said, “sige tapusin mo na yung pagpapaderma mo, malay mo naman totoo talaga sinasabe nila na bumalik ka after a month” and “kung hindi man totoo yun marami pang ibang airlines dyan.. may First Champion ka pa db?”.. So there, I remembered again my First Champion (Saudia) thingy… and that one I’m really eyeing to…

And I asked my dad that before we go home, I need to see Dra Madge to inform her of my RBA experience.. I’m glad she understood me very well, and is really willing to help me to finally achieve a clearer face faster, and get rid of that pimple mark left on my left cheek. And so the “derma marathon” will start this Saturday and I need to see her “WEEKLY” for a faster result… grabeee, sakit sa bulsa nito.. go, go, go sa pagpapaganda talaga for that dream job!!! =)

To tell you guys, I’m a bit depressed actually because I wasn’t able to reach the “real interview part” with the employer that day… but because I am "Ms. Brightside", I don’t want to entertatin those bad vibes and I just want to focus on the part that they want me to be back after a month… yeah, in a sense it may be absurd but I am going to try it.. that’s how determined and motivated I am to be a cabin crew… malay natin totoo sinasabe ng RBA db?.. and it’s also one way of improving myself better na rin para next time, clear of pimple mark/s na ang aking face…:)

And now, I’d like to leave you with this verse. Just for us to be reminded again.. =)
             .."For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~Jeremiah 29:11

A Quick Update

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Since I knew from PEX that there were girls who already received a text message from PERT last Friday, I called the agency just this afternoon to follow up and confirm the status of my application. The reason why I called is because my phones have no signal from the day the girls received a text from PERT which is Friday, ‘til Saturday because I am in Morong, Bataan attending our company’s summer outing. 
Sad to say, I’m not included on the shortlisted candidates who will be having their Final Interview on May 24, 2010… :( So there you go, this is again another thing to be sad about.. From love life depression and now, career depression… oh crap!  :( sad, sad, sad….(grabe na'to ha, super malas ko naman ata these days...huhu)
For those who were so lucky to receive a text from PERT… Good luck to you ladies. How I wish I’m part of those shortlisted candidates…  
Anyways, that’s life… Life goes on… God bless everyone! And may the good Lord bless me as well… :)

Hoping that we will all achieve our dream of flying soon, in His time… :)

my tearjerker song for now! :(

Monday, May 10, 2010

my fave song for this time... when i watched the music video just this morning, i cried especially on the last few scenes/part of the video... sadly, i missed everything about you! :(

love its lyrics: But I never told you what I should HAVE SAID.. No I never told you I just HELD IT IN... And now I miss everything about you!!! :(

sorry for the emo-fied me! super depressed mode lang ako right now... i just can't keep it to myself.... this is something related to my previous post... and yes, a vision that me and my bes are just 'friends'... :( i've been crying for days now, and the feeling is a total hell... i just can't believe na para akong nawalan ng bf... para ngang mas matindi pa dun yung sakit eh... :( now i realized how i value my bes na mukha ngang mahal ko na siya... but i know its too late na! wala na siya, he found someone new, and super sakit sa part ko... and the girl ni hindi ko man kilala 'til now... nagseselos, natapakan ang ego/pride ko... ganun yung nararamdaman ko right now.... whew! :(
day 1 of me keeping distance from him started yesterday..super hirap! and hopefully super kayanin ko talaga...

**sorry guys for bein' sooo emofied right now... just bear with me nalang.... and please do pray for me as well...

The "Complicated" Thingy in my FB account

Saturday, April 17, 2010

..just this week I changed my status profile form single to “it’s complicated”…and most of my friends were asking me to tell them the whole story… so for those who know this blog site, I’m going to share it to you… :)
..reviewing on my previous post, I broke up with my bf last December ‘coz he’s really against my FA dream… and because I am single right now, I am open to dating…  My bestfriend who happened to be a guy, was there for me, cheered me up when I’m down and supported me in reaching my FA dream..  actually, even the little things in me, he knows a lot… and I’m happy that he knows me very well… oh well to cut it short, he told his feelings already about me… and of course, when I found out I was shocked…but I’m happy in a way ‘coz if he’ll be my boyfie, I’m pretty sure that I’m in safe hands, he’s a faithful guy I know that and the fact that I’m comfortable bein’ with him and I trust him a lot…
sooo where’s the complicated part?..  my parents like my ex over him, especially my mom… she’s pro ex.. as in! the reason why?.. kasi daw si “ex” financially stable and hindi nako magpapakahirap magwork pa… mas secured daw future ko with my ex.. I know that my mom is just thinking of my future…  she only likes my “bes” as my bestfriend… and nothing more than that..  my bestfriend is just like me working also in a diagnostic company but he is a Product Manager by the way… even the college friend which I happened to introduce  to my mom, ayaw din nia para sakin…negative din sa kanya.. haayyyy… :(
until now, my ex is trying to win me back, and he’s kinda seeking the help of my parents…. Pero ayaw nia talaga na mag-FA ako which I don’t get to understand his reasons… hindi nia maintindihan na yun ang gusto ko at dream na dream ko… kaya naiinis ako!
I like to obey my parents pero sa pagkakataon na’to parang hindi ko na ata kayang makipagbalikan kay ‘ex’ at isuko nalang basta basta ang FA dream ko… and iniisip ko din pano na bestfriend ko…  
So ‘til now, im still weighing things… me and my bestfriend are still best of friends.. and I don’t know yet if we’ll be together as “bf-gf” someday… the decision is all in me.. to choose between my ex or my bes is one of the decisions i have to face right now.. and still undecided…
so guys, what do you think??? I’ll be happy to know your opinions… 
with bes @ rali's grill subic                                                                                   

bes & his pamangkin (he's super duper  fond of kids)

..wishful thinking....

Friday, April 9, 2010

Last Tuesday (April 6), I was damn waiting the whole day to receive a text message coming from Skills informing me of my F.I the next day for Saudia when suddenly I received a text message later that afternoon while I was driving on my way home.. and this is the actual text… 

When I’m halfway reading it, I smiled and thanked God for an answered prayer without absorbing and reading everything in the text because I was driving… then when I got home and browsed my phone again I suddenly noticed that it’s not from Skills but the message was from PERT agency… argh! I really thought it was from Skills… :( 

And since I received a text from PERT, I decided to go there the next day to attend the preliminary screening and interview with the PERT head. In fairness to PERT I just waited for a few minutes (15-20 minutes I think) and there you go my interview. I was the 3rd girl to be interviewed that day. When my name was called, I immediately went inside the room of the PERT head. He was a guy by the way. He seemed to be nice. When I entered his room, he looked at me from head to foot (cephalo caudal approach) then instructed me to have a seat. The interview was just about my resume, my work right now, if I’m single/married, with kids or none, with boyfriend or none (haha yes including that one huh), and why do you want to be a flight attendant and why is this your dream?.. That’s all he asked me.

And afterwards, he discussed the Royal Brunei salary and some of the benefits from the said airline. Of course I would like to share it to you, dear readers.  He told me that the basic salary was 750USD, plus 800 USD flying hours, free medicals when you are working with RB, once a year you get to visit the Philippines to be home with your family, 2 free tickets every year for your family to travel. Hmmm, not bad right?..
And then after that, he told me that they will just notify me through text for the schedule of the Final Interview with him and the Royal Brunei Employer. And because he seemed to be nice, I didn’t have second thoughts of asking him if when will I be expecting a text message. And he answered that as soon as he gathered the required number of FA applicants, he’ll immediately contact the RB employer to go the Philippines to conduct the F.I. And that's it, I thanked him and left his office with some hope.. "positive thinking" :)

Oh well, I may be broken hearted with Skills but at least PERT saved my day. God is really good. He saved me, and I never felt so down/depressed because of Skills. I found again some hope with PERT. Thanks to PERT! lol 

So FA hopefuls, what are you waiting for?.. Go to PERT agency and submit your resume and requirements already.. ^_^

i hope someday i'll find a guy like this.. yeeehaaa... :)

..just saw this post in one of my friends in FB... i love it that's why i'm just re-posting it here.. :) 
and now I'M READY to screen applicants...lol


You think you have what it takes to be a flight attendant’s boyfriend? Here are FEW things you have to put through. And that’s why they say these jet setters are the Top 3 Most Spoiled Girlfriends in the World. If you’re in a relationship with one: man, we give it up to you…. And If you’re planning to have one:

Be prepared, Be very very… prepared.

1. Do Not expect her to drive the car. She’s most not likely to have a driving license, she’d say “Babe, I only have a passport.”

2. Familiarize yourself with SKYPE, YM’s. VoIPs. She worships those amazing discoveries.

3. DO treat her like a princess before she can treat you like her king. Get ready for statements like “Buy me food, or else Ill break up with you!”

4. DO NOT be surprised if she wants you to take several shots of vaccines: Hepa B, Hepa A, Meningitis, Yellow Fever etc. etc.

5. Stay away when her roster comes out. That’s the next worse time to PMS.

6. BE grateful of her smile. You get it for free. IN the skies, it’s worth 6 digits.

7. BE READY to see yourself 5 to 10 years from now. She wants a man who knows his direction.

8. DO give importance to time, preferably Military time. 21:16 is NEVER the same as 21:17

9. DO NOT wake her up when she’s sleeping, even if you wonder “ she must be hungry after sleeping 18 hours already!” Again, LET her wake up by herself.

10. DO NOT mess with how she arranges her suitcase. Boots are for Boots sack, shampoos are for toilettries, undies are for undies bag and so on.

11. DO NOT expect her to remember names of your friends in one sitting.

12. DO NOT accuse her of bragging when she says she went to Paris for Coffee or just hit the gym in Berlin. She’s just plainly, innocently telling you a story.

13. Do not get intimidated by the beautiful men around him, chances are she’s already used to/sick of seeing hotness in form. Those men have lost their beauty.

14. DO NOT call her on the phone when she’s on Standby. DO NOT… ever.

15. Do NOT question why Half of the dresses in her closet has never been worn, and she still complains, she doesn’t have anymore.

16. Do Not remove any clothes you think is too much in his suitcase, remember: she has four sets of outfit in her suitcase: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Fall.

17. She expects you to learn how to read an Aviator watch.

18. And when she gives you that expensive Aviator watch, Do not Ask her: “ what time is it there in Khartoum?”

19. The next best gift to a Limited Louis Vuitton bag is a fancy Dual Time Watch.

20. She carries a First Aid Kit with her and 26 kinds of Supplements: Vit C,E,A,B, anti-Oxidants, Gingko Biloba, Evening Primrose Oil, Horseradish Capsules, etc. etc. even those Pills (damn-those!) you request her to take everyday!

21. At least buy McDonalds before your holiday flight, she prefers it over aircraft food, and yes even over the caviars in first class cabin.

22. Understand that discovering a designer dress on the clearance rack can be considered a peak life experience.

23. Make sure of the inaccuracy of your bathroom scale.

24. Remind her which country she is in first thing when she wakes up in the morning

25. During dinner, when she asks you whether you like chicken or beef… Oboohooy! you better think fast!

26. Begin to be scared when you oversee a long line in Immigration, she has zero tolerance on airport queues.

27. Work your muscle for a trip together, you’ll be carrying at least four baggages for her. A Gucci make-up bag, a Paul Smith, a World Traveller Trolley, and a Burberry Laptop bag at least for a Domestic Flight.

28. A bouquet of flowers is THE if not, THE ONLY way to say “I missed you” when you pick her up at the airport.

29. Prepare yourself for her jetlag, otherwise known as the PFS or the POST Flight Syndrome. You should be awake when she is and asleep when she is . You don’t want to see a whole 72 hours of tantrums.

30. And lastly, it might seem like she thinks she is overqualified for love. But DO remember that in reality, she feels like she is just an ordinary girl standing in front of a boy, asking him…

For a foot rub… after a damn…long flight.

Left Behind.... =(

Monday, March 29, 2010

I was soooo down this past few days because I felt I was now left behind.. My friend, Marie (my fa hopeful buddy) already passed Asiana Airlines. She was one of the twenty lucky girls who made it to the top for Asiana Airlines.. And now, she’s not anymore a “fa hopeful”… I’m happy for her, really.. But I felt sad for myself because I felt I’m now left behind.. Oh yeah, I’m just human to feel that way and I guess it’s so damn normal to feel that way.. I’m really, really happy for her, for her success… But I just can’t help myself sometimes that I’m thinking that we used to be together passing our CVs and NOW she’ll soon FLY.. I thought we could fly together someday.. But those chances were all gone because she’s meant for Asiana.. And as for me, where am i??.. still here and trying to find out what airline I am meant for… I really feel so down, but still have this HOPE because of HIM (God). Hope I could FLY someday just like my friend, Marie… I know God has His own way, and I just need to be more patient. I know it will soon come to me… I BELIEVE! =)
Now I just realized how flygirl (bam) felt when her bestfriend passed NAS Air and she was also left behind. I hope I’ll be like flygirl (bam) for another opportunity came her way after her NAS Air thing, and now she’s with Emirates. They may not be of the same airlines, but right now doing the same passion of flying…and seeing the world..

*** by the way, here’s the blog link of my friend, Marie… She started blogging already.. yhay! =) and I’m just so proud of her success.. FLY HIGH sis.. =)
click http://i-viewfromthetop.blogspot.com/

..the FA's Bible...

Friday, March 5, 2010

..After reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne a couple of months ago, and recently finished reading Put Your Dreams to the Test by John Maxwell...Another book for me to read and absorb everything written on every pages of it.. and what is it??? I am referring to this book...

 special THANKS to Dee for sending me a copy.. such an angel! =)

time to read, read and read with all thy heart... =)

Beauty Madness....

*** A Super Late Post

In the name of beauty and for me to be more presentable to the recruiters of different airlines, I am now into Chemical Peel Session at YSA Skin Care SM Pampanga. Thanks to citygirl (sis Royce) for the info regarding this stuff. Yesss, I do follow it religiously.. :) And right after my chemical peel session, I am advised by my attending dermatologist to undergo some IPL sessions too… Oh crap, I need a lot of money in my pocket just for this stuff (just in the name of beauty)… :) No direct sun exposure, no powder, no make up and not to apply anything on my face for a month… oh yeah, poor me! But I have to follow all these things for me to see the outcome clearly… :)
taking a pic during my 2nd day session at YSA.. (ang hapdi ng chemical, sobra!)   
series of mixtures/solutions and soaps to be used for my face everyday (day, noon and night).. these things are just some of the solutions guys..
14th day after the chem peel session :)

After I finished all these sessions, I know I would see my face clear of pimple marks. And I’m praying to see the results as soon as possible… 

***If you see it in your mind, you’re going to hold it in your hand. =)

lovvvee it! very inspiring.... =)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

..if you feel like no one's there for you, or you're losing hope to get what we want in life (like our greatest dream of flying), i recommend you to listen to this song... then pray and communicate with God, for you to ligten up what you are feeling inside... it helps! Keep praying guys! We'll all have what we wanted, in HIS perfect time.... just TRUST HIM, keep the FAITH!...

>> you'll see below the link... listen to the song, feel it and Talk to God!.. =)

"I Know You're There" by Casting Crowns 

If all I had was one last breath
I'd spend it just to sing Your praise
Just to say Your name
If all I had was one last prayer
I'd pray it 'cause I know You're always listening
If I could live a thousand lives, bind the hands of time
I would spend every moment by Your side

'cause I, I know You're there, I know You see me
You're the air I breathe
You are the ground beneath me
I know You're there, I know You hear me
I can find You anywhere

If all I had was one more song to sing
I would raise a noise to make the heavens ring
If all I had was one last chance, I'd take it
I would stake it all on You

If I could raise up high and catch a glimpse of every eye
I would make them believe
What I feel inside
If I could live a thousand lives and bind the hands of time
If I could rise up high and catch a glimpse of every eye
I know You're there
I know You're there
I know You're there, You're there....

---->> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27KfKpmq9GQ

ZDI Kick Off Party 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

..held at Plaza Ibarra, Timog Ave. Q.C last February 12, 2010

Here are some of the pics we have... just sharing guys =)

                                                          prepping up (its make up time!)

ZDI Luzon girls

yours truly! :)

Kim of Miss Saigon (Charisse) - Best Actress

Miss Saigon - 1st place

Moulin Rouge Cast - Second Place
the diamond dogs (can can girls)
duke, zidler & satine
christian and satine