..wishful thinking....

Friday, April 9, 2010

Last Tuesday (April 6), I was damn waiting the whole day to receive a text message coming from Skills informing me of my F.I the next day for Saudia when suddenly I received a text message later that afternoon while I was driving on my way home.. and this is the actual text… 

When I’m halfway reading it, I smiled and thanked God for an answered prayer without absorbing and reading everything in the text because I was driving… then when I got home and browsed my phone again I suddenly noticed that it’s not from Skills but the message was from PERT agency… argh! I really thought it was from Skills… :( 

And since I received a text from PERT, I decided to go there the next day to attend the preliminary screening and interview with the PERT head. In fairness to PERT I just waited for a few minutes (15-20 minutes I think) and there you go my interview. I was the 3rd girl to be interviewed that day. When my name was called, I immediately went inside the room of the PERT head. He was a guy by the way. He seemed to be nice. When I entered his room, he looked at me from head to foot (cephalo caudal approach) then instructed me to have a seat. The interview was just about my resume, my work right now, if I’m single/married, with kids or none, with boyfriend or none (haha yes including that one huh), and why do you want to be a flight attendant and why is this your dream?.. That’s all he asked me.

And afterwards, he discussed the Royal Brunei salary and some of the benefits from the said airline. Of course I would like to share it to you, dear readers.  He told me that the basic salary was 750USD, plus 800 USD flying hours, free medicals when you are working with RB, once a year you get to visit the Philippines to be home with your family, 2 free tickets every year for your family to travel. Hmmm, not bad right?..
And then after that, he told me that they will just notify me through text for the schedule of the Final Interview with him and the Royal Brunei Employer. And because he seemed to be nice, I didn’t have second thoughts of asking him if when will I be expecting a text message. And he answered that as soon as he gathered the required number of FA applicants, he’ll immediately contact the RB employer to go the Philippines to conduct the F.I. And that's it, I thanked him and left his office with some hope.. "positive thinking" :)

Oh well, I may be broken hearted with Skills but at least PERT saved my day. God is really good. He saved me, and I never felt so down/depressed because of Skills. I found again some hope with PERT. Thanks to PERT! lol 

So FA hopefuls, what are you waiting for?.. Go to PERT agency and submit your resume and requirements already.. ^_^