Tuesday, January 29, 2008

darn! why am i gettin' senti hir ryt now?.. i guess.. it's the result of hearing senti songs.. dunno why, but im listening to Dreamsounds 2 ryt now.. tamang pang-senti ryt?.. hmmm.. fave k tlg til now s DreamSounds 2 ang Stick Around by Azure, When Will it Be Me by Yasmeen, Dream of Me by Kirsten Dunst & I Wish i Wasn't by Heather Headly.. bagay tlg skin mga songs n un.. tska like k din song ni Avril Lavigne na When You're Gone.. nice song din 4me.. & im loving the songs of Paramore too.. ganda din kc mga songs nila, alternative type..

sayang hnd aq nakawatch ng My Chemical Romance Concert, my friends invited me to watch sana.. nagkataon kc na sub-unit sales conference nMn nun s office, so tlgng hnd pde magleave.. kainis.. maganda p man din dw nagng concert nila.. hay, sayang tlg! nweiz, ok lng din.. though hnd aq nakawatch, ngng mgnda nMn presentation k ng actual sales k.. hmMm.. pno kya nyan sa final annual sales conference nMn 2mrw in manila?? how i wish, it'll definitely be fine too.. grabe, im gettin' nervous agen hir.. Help Me Lord!.. plssss...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

..s 22o lng, mas madali p mag-aral eh.. at least un, review2, basa2, absorb & analize, take the exams and dats it.. its upto u if u'l get high grades or pasang awa lng.. u and only ur studies are ur main priorities.. with my work kc, it involves developing my own craft as well.. i mean, watever u absorb or learn today, u should definitely take it to urself (baon m un lage), and proceed.. & u should know how to handle different kinds of people tlg.. every individual kc have their own attitude, so u should know how to adapt to it.. be flexible in a way.. also, temper management is necessary with the kind of work i have & being tactful at all times.. hnd pde s work k ang tactless effect!!! and the most impt. one is job performance.. hir, 4 me its not only gettin' good sales but also ur relationship or rapport with ur clients.. how u serve them, and how u respond to them
when they need ur assistance..

..4 me kc, its not just gettin good grades or good sales.. but its actually how u love and enjoy what you're doing.. you rili don't need high IQ in order to succeed.. all you have to do is believe in yourself, be a dreamer, and aim to reach for that
dream.. hnd kelangan na super talino k, or watsoever.. ability is the very impt one to reach success..

..y am i saying this?.. its bcoz everyone can succeed if they only know how.. a lot of people nowadays are very successful n their own craft, not bcoz they're so intelligent or have high IQ.. but bcoz they use the ability they have in themselves..

sbe nga ni boss, u don't need to know everything in order to be successful.. ang mahalaga, may natu2nan k at alm m kng pano idevelop un at gamitin.. and hnd k mgi2ng successful ng nag-iisa k lng, knakailangan m din kht pa2no ang tulong ng mga tao s
paligid m.. kya it's always nice to build good rapport with anyone na maeencounter m, kht cno p xa.. mataas man ang position or security guard man lng or kalye boy.. kc kht pa2no daw, darating ang araw na ka2ilanganin m ang tulong nila kht pa2no..

..hmmm, i guess our boss is definitely ryt on dat.. when i started working at zafire, isa un s mga bagay na dala2 k s mind k at tlgng baon k un kht san aq magpnta.. sbe nga nia, hnd nia mara2ting ung kinata2yuan nia ngyn kng wala ung tulong
nung mga tao na nasa paligid nia ngyn.. hay sana lahat ng tao gnun.. hnd tulad ng iba na super taas ng tingin nila s sarili nila, na kala m TOP of the line na cla.. ung cmpleng yabang effect!! hmmm.. cno kaya un??.. :P

..nweiz guys, i hope sana may na-gets kau kht pa2no s nshare k.. at sana pare-pareho nating ma-imply un sa life ntin.. cge need to get back with what im doin'.. aaralin k p e2ng report k for tomorrow.. napa-blog lng 4 me to relax kht pa2no..
o xa cge........ aYy nga pla, malapit na Valentine's Day.. haha la lng, sharing lng.. bgla lng napatingin sa calendar na malapit skin.. lalalalala.. =) ryt now, im listening to Not This Time by Cultured Pearls...... "but i can't read ur mind,
not this time!... waaahh.. luv it.. =)

..workwith day..

Saturday, January 26, 2008

..last wed, lee & i were workwith_olongapo, subic area.. she had a lecture regarding histograms & flaggings in one of my accounts using sysmex poch 100i machine.. so far, i can say the medtech, Ma'am Maricel understood and absorbed evrything that was on d lecture.. good for her, likewise with me.. =)

after the lecture, lee & i had our lunch at coffee shop restaurant at barretto subic.. actually, dis coffee shop restaurant is rili famous for its jumbo tacos.. i think you should rili come & visit the place, and try their jumbo tacos as well.. it's also a reps place.. why?.. bcoz most of the reps covering the bataan-zambales area go to this place to have their lunch.. and sometimes treating some doctors for lunch out as well.. :p
we ordered jumbo tacos & sisig as our lunch.. and the sisig was so spicy.. hmmm.. why was it kc not specified in the menu that it was a spicy sisig?!.. as in so spicy kc.. sa super spicy nia, after eating, sinipon kme ni lee.. hahaha.. buti nlng we ordered a jumbo tacos, and it then became the neutralizer for that sisig.. the next tym i/we'll visit the place again, i/we won't anymore order that spicy sisig.. grabe d kc nMn kinaya, haha pero buti nlng at naubos din nMn..

hir are the captured pix of the before and after of the jumbo tacos & sizzling sisig.. halata bng mxado kaming gutom dat tym?..haha.. at simot na simot tlg.. haha.. :p

after we had our lunch. we proceed again with our coverage.. nxt stop, was James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital & St. Jude Hospital.. courtesy call lng nMn, so mejo light na un on our part..

..after we finished our itinerary for the day, dinala k c lee sa nike factory store and addidas, puma, converse outlet in subic freeport.. aun, nag-enjoy nMn c lee ka2tingin.. hnd nia expect na mrami tlgng mabi2li, marami kcng pagpi2lian tlg, and may discount pa on all items..=) hmmm, i think u should also try and visit the place.. & oopps don't forgot to bring big, big bucks..im sure, u'll not leave that store without any plastic bag of ur pinamili.. im pretty sure on dat..:p imagine asa 700 php lng ang nike slide, kayang kaya ng bulsa tlg..=) pero if u'll visit some regular nike shops, asa 1k-1,8k ang price ng nike slides.. depends on d style p un.. buti lng at nakapagwithdraw ako b4 kme ngworkwith ni lee.. kaya aun may pinangshopping kme, inabonohan k muna ung mga pinamili ni lee kc wala xa extra money dat tym.. we rili love shopping tlg..:p

..kya, kung ako ikaw.. visit the place na.. it's a new store, NIKE Factory Store located at Petron Subic Freeport.. =)

..luv it.. =)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

wat can i say.. uhmm a big thanks.. =)
gosh.. a special friend?.. owh yeah.. a special friend gave me a copy of all the greys anatomy soundtracks & colbiecaillat's songs.. actually, dat person downloaded all these songs before the holiday season.. and save it on my usb.. toldme dat im gonna like the songs dw.. and when i got home and viewed the folder, found out it was all the greys anatomy soundtracks and caillat's songs.. grabe.. nagtyaga tlg xa na i-download isa-isa un.. super saya k nun..=) then i shared my copy wd lee, BUT accidentally lee had erased it on my usb.. i don't have a back-up then.. super nainis p nga aq kei lee nun kc xempre may sentimental value pra skin ung copy n un.. tapos na-erase lng nia bgla.. but it was rili an accident.. alm k nMg hnd tlg sinasadya ni lee na ma-erase s usb k un.. gud thing, my special friend still had the copy of all the songs.. so there, got relieve in a way..

im loving the songs of colbie caillat.. especially Bubbly, Battle, Realize, Midnight Bottle, Magic & Older.. luv it so much!:p while im doin' dis blog ryt now, and while doin' my sales forecast and sales update..it's actually my background music.. nice songs, rili.. for me it's kinda relaxing.. it made me not think so much of our upcoming sales conference.. though im kinda nervous na, but i juz wanna be relaxed and think only of the positive outcome & not the negative ones.. i still have a week to study my sales and 2008 forecast.. i hope i won't have nosebleed while im having my report..haha.. i hope the figures will definitely be okay to our big boss.. and i hope few questions will be ask.. =) rili hope so.. :p AJA! AJA! haha..

also, i like the rendition of dianne elise with the song, You're The Inspiration.. like it so much!.. =)my faves for now..

hmmm.. Fools Like Me by Lisa Loeb, Over You by Chris Daughtry, Im Yours by Jason Mraz, With You by ChrisBrown, Givin' Me A Rush by Tyra B, Low by Flo Rida ft. T.Pain... too many to mention tlg.. ung iba i know hnd n ganun kbago but stil like k p rin.. others nMn, newest songs tlg.. dami kc mga2nda songs ngyn eh.. =)

very flattered nMn aq s mga nagsa2be na okei na okei daw cla pag sumasakay sa car k.. gud music dw.. puro bago daw lage..kya ayan, dami ngpa2burn skn.. haha..hmmm.. d kc aq nagpa2huli wen it comes to music.. and seriously i rili can't live without music.. and gusto k malakas music k, ung tipong nabi2ngi nko s lakas..haha.. fit for sounds setup ryt?.. hmmm.. kelan kaya?..:p ~wink~ lalalalala.. =)

hmmm.. i hope 2loi 2loi na 'tong ginagawa k.. sana kayanin k, hanggang sa mawala nlng bgla sa icp k.. im so tired n kc..im leaving it all behind na.. i need my life back.. alm k nMng hnd lng sknya iikot ang mundo k.. naging pasaway lng tlg puso k.. i think over is over! so dis is rili the end.. honestly, i rili tot magka2ayos p kme, gave him a chance.. waited for reconciliation.. naks, reconciliation dw oh?!..haha.. but dat never happened.. gave him tym, pero wala eh.. na2himik lng tlg..
nagpaalam n dn nMn aq sa close sknya, so un n un.. hnd man directly sknya pero dats rili it.. still, im wishing all the gud things for him.. wish him all the happiness.. mukhang masaya nMn nga xa.. and hnd n nia tlg aq kelangan.. sad on my part, but im happy for him.. narealize n rin cgro fully nung gurl ung worth ni kuya.. i can see he rili don't need me anymore.. super sakit pero ganun tlg.. sori if i still rant 'bout it till now.. gusto k lng ishare kng anu nsa icp k at dis very moment.. mejo emo ang dating noh?.. i promise ds will be the last!!
enuf n nga.. naiiyak nko s background music k d2..playing You're the Inspiration by Dianne Elise..

new yir, new number, new phone.. y not!.. anu p kya nyan ang mga mgi2ng bago skin?.. hehe.. let's wait & see nlng.. =)

beautiful sceneries of bangkok thailand..

Saturday, January 19, 2008

hey guys.. wanna share some of the captured sceneries in bangkok,thailand.. nice place, nice hotel.. i loved shopping..haha.. =)

..a glimpse of me..

Friday, January 18, 2008

..korean muvi marathon..

Monday, January 14, 2008

..gudmorning! =)
..juz woke up.. hehe.. mejo late n kc i watched coffee prince last nyt.. d k p nata2pos so il continue watching it today.. grabe, i luv it!.. :p ka2kilig.. hehe.. nauna pang panoorin ang coffee prince kesa s spring waltz.. but i have both dvds na.. haAay.. buti nlng at may nagbigay sakin.. hehe koreana dw kc aq, so dapat k n dw mawatch mga un.. at tlg nga nMn adik aq s spring waltz.. at coffee prince? mukhang adik n rin aq dun since last nyt lng kc maganda pla.. crush k ung guy.. haha cute nia kc.. =) mejo may anggulo ni former kuya.. haha e1 k ba.. parang nki2ta k lng nMn sa ibang anggulo c kuya eh.. haha adik tlg..
..so aun lng, nashare k lng nMn.. il have my breakfast n nga.. inupuan kc kgad ang net eh.. haha..
lyk nio?.. my breakfast 4 now.. cofi & yakisoba spicy chicken.. yum yum.. :p
..aYyy breakfast and lunch n din pla.. haha diet muna eh.. cge kain n nga aq and il continue my muvi marathon na.. =)

BREAKING NEWS: Michael Scofield of PrisonBreak is really gay in real life??..
..grabe, i can't believe it.. sayang xa!.. BUT its rili true.. kc inamin n nia s isang interview.. grabe, nshock aq to hear dat news.. haAay.. OMG tlg.. haha.. pinapanood k n p man din prisonbreak season 3, pra tuloy nawala n charisma nia dhil sa balita n un.. nweiz, dats life.. un ang choice nia eh.. =)

over you_chris daughtry

Sunday, January 13, 2008

wow..i juz love dis song! =) TAGOS!! haha.. :p

Now that it's all said and done,
I can't believe you were the one
To build me up and tear me down,
Like an old abandoned house.
What you said when you left
Just left me cold and out of breath.
I fell too far, was in way too deep.
Guess I let you get the best of me.

Well, I never saw it coming.
I should've started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I'd doubt you,
I'm better off without you
More than you, more than you know.
I'm slowly getting closure.
I guess it's really over.
I'm finally getting better.
And now I'm picking up the pieces.
I'm spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together.
'Cause the day I thought
I'd never get through,
I got over you.

You took a hammer to these walls,
Dragged the memories down the hall,
Packed your bags and walked away.
There was nothing I could say.
And when you slammed the front door shut,
A lot of others opened up,
So did my eyes so I could see
That you never were the best for me.

Well, I never saw it coming.
I should've started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I'd doubt you,
I'm better off without you
More than you, more than you know.
I'm slowly getting closure.
I guess it's really over.
I'm finally getting better.
And now I'm picking up the pieces.
I'm spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together.
'Cause the day I thought
I'd never get through,
I got over you.

Well, I never saw it coming.
I should've started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I'd doubt you,
I'm better off without you
More than you, more than you know.
Well, I never saw it coming.
I should've started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I'd doubt you,
I'm better off without you
More than you, more than you know.
I'm slowly getting closure.
I guess it's really over.
I'm finally getting better.
And now I'm picking up the pieces.
I'm spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together.
Well I'm putting my heart back together,
'Cause I got over you.
Well I got over you.
I got over you.
'Cause the day I thought
I'd never get through,
I got over you..

first week toxicity!

hey guys, im back.. back hir in pamp.. haha..:p

wat a week, so toxic.. we juz resumed last monday but workloads are rili waiting for us since then.. our clients have different concerns.. rili don't know who to entertain first.. wel, dats d after effect of having bakasyon grande.. natambakan tlg ng trabaho..haha.. and sinabayan p ng sales conference nMn which will be held on the last week of dis january.. so we're rili toxic dis month.. whew!..

we will also be having our kick-off on jan 28.. on that day we'll be having a ballroom dance competition per unit.. r dance rehearsals are scheduled every weekends (sat & sun).. so dat rili shows dat we're rili so toxic for dis month.. no tym for rest i guess.. kawawa nMn kme..

and.. kelangan n nMn magdiet 4 r kick-off.. bka lumabas n batchoy aq sa costumes nMn nun, pang ballrum p man din..haha.. hmmm.. nweiz i started na wd my diet dis week.. tumaba kc aq dhil sa bakasyon.. lamon kc gnawa k eh..haha.. tska ang dami kng clients na nagsbe na tumaba nga daw aq ngyng nakita nila ulit aq.. haAay.. ung iba nMn sbe bagay k nMn dw.. pero kelangan tlg magdiet.. malapit n din ang summer eh.. haha excited b mxado magsummer?..:p tska mahirap paliitin ang tummy eh.. so dapat control lage s pagkain.. mahirap magng batchoy db?.. =)

waAah grabe, daming may gusto s new haircut k.. & hell yeah, may gumaya n nga kagad.. haha.. wel, dats lyf.. at iniform pko.. ka2iba!.. haha..=) pro cge, okei lng.. at least nauna aq..:p d k p xa naki2ta, so d k p alm kng bagay din nia.. wel, let me see nlng pag nagkita kme.. =)

naMan..so updated tlg xa.. nyahaha

Sunday, January 6, 2008

u sed, i stop assuming.. whew! who assumed "the very first" kaya?.. WHEW!..


anyway, as i said.. nairita lng tlg aq.. masama bng banggitin ung mga gusto kng banggitin?.. dis is "my account" ryt?.. so juz enjoy viewing and reading word by word!!!

also, i even mention in my blog dat i viewed ur site too.. dats so clear nMn eh.. also, it was so clear that we're viewing each others site.. hahaha.. very updated k rin eh.. look?..

and the "insecure thing"?.. cla nagsabe nun.. NOW im rili thinking mukhang TAMA cla.. hahaha.. see!!

..btw.. u luv shrimp?.. well, yeah obviously!! coz ur loving urself so much.. hahaha.. juz look first in a mirror there and see ur OWN self.. :p im serious.. as in SERIOUSLY!!!!

..my 1st spa_whole body massage for 2008..

>> nabitin aq magnet knina, im doin a blog nung sakto nagtxt c lee.. gusto nia pa-spa kme.. =) wel, ta2nggi b aq?.. eh spa un..hehe.. so aun, nagmadaling magbihis at cnundo k xa sknla.. we tried the newly opened spa in angeles.. actually, its juz near my haus.. =) we tried the combination of swedish, shiatsu and thai massage der.. super okei xa infairness.. magaling ung masahista k..hehe..

..i rili love spa.. naka2relax kc sobra, and naka2relieve after.. s monday resume n work nMn so toxic toxican mode n nMn, so tama lng tlg n ngpa-spa kme ngyn.. hehe.. sarap!! grabe, tumunog lahat ng nodules k..haha.. s back area k, grabe naramdamank tlg lahat ng un.. cgro ka2drive, ka2harap s laptop at ka2net 4 sure.. =)

..naenjoy k nMn bakasyon grande namin.. pero parang gusto k pa mgbakasyon ulit.. bitin p ata.. haha.. ayaw k p magwork s monday.. hehe..

..waAah.. malapit na mag-PBB.. cno kaya mgi2ng big winner 2nyt.. kainis, bkt na-eliminate c jon.. pero bet k big winner c ruben/gaby.. haha.. KUYAnatics tlg.. :p

..cofi date wd MGs & manila moment.. :p

..yehey! s wakas gawa n rin side mirror ni cholo.. :p hnd n xa sakit ng ulo,hahaha.. how i wish wala ng kasunod un.. =)

COFI DATE wd MGs the other day?!.. as usual hnd n nMn kumpleto ang MGs.. may pasok n kc ang roma, at may exams n dw kgad kya hnd nkasama sa cofi date nMng MGs.. c lee nMn bgla cnundo ng ate rosel nia at ngrob cla.. kya aun, it ended up kme lng ni diday ang nkapagcofi.. muntik n ring hnd pinayagan c diday kc asa haus nla mga tita nia, pro buti nlng at pinuntahan k xa s haus at pnagpaalam k n.. buti nMn at pumayag mommy nia..=)

so while havin' cofi @ java man.. ngtxt c ronnie luk alike ng patientcare, at tinatanong kng asan kme.. aun, pinuntahan kme,at nkpgkwentuhan.. dami nMng npagkwentuhan while havin' cofi, at isa s balita n nshock aq at c diday ung 'bout dun s close friend k from patientcare din.. dat nyt k lng nalaman na live in n pla cla nung gurl, recently lng dw.. dat tym i dunno wat to feel.. parang mixed emotions.. masaya na parang malungkot na parang nanghinayang.. ewan k b.. bkt kya?.. sort of, ego crashed i guess.. haAay.. napatingin p nga skin c diday nun, alam nia kcng hnd k p din alm ung blita n un, though close2 kme nung guy n un, hnd nia p kc naba2nggit ung 'bout s bagay n un.. ano b yan?.. wats rili goin' on?..

..sbe 2loi ni ronnie luk alike na.. "ikaw kc, hnd m xa pinapansin dati p.. kng bngyan k lng dw xa ng chance bka malamang hnd daw nangyri un.. kc nung mga tyms na ngstart kme mgng close2 daw nung guy n un, hnd p dw cla gnun kalinaw nung gurl n un.." in short, dats life.. pro i can't imagine hmself settling down ng gnun kabilis.. hnd k nlng tinatong c ronnie luk alike kng buntis b ung gurl?.. kc 4 sure buntis un, naging puhunan ang baby kya live in n cla..:p im pretty sure on dat.. knowing my close friend, he can't settle down ng gnun kabilis.. mas gusto nia kc financially stable na xa, nagbiro p nga un dati n dapat mas angat daw xa skin.. parinig lng nMn..haha..
saktong magsa2ra n ung cofi shop nung natapos kme.. my dalang car c ronnie luk alike so nag part ways n kme dun.. nung pagkasakay nMn ng car ni diday, super nagsigawan nlng kme s car.. as in chorus tlg.. pareho kme ng asa mind.. nabigla s news, na nanghinayang rin..hahaha.. sbe p 2loi ni diday skin "gurl, narinig m ung mga cnbe ni ronnie luk alike nun?.. sayang gurl, dati p pla meron.."

haAay.. so realization n nMn na may pagka insensitive aq s gnung bgay..OMG!.. waAahhh.. wala nko maga2wa p 'bout it, hnd k n mapi2gilan ang mga pangya2re.. nangya2ri ng literal eh.. super sakit s ulo, nagba2lik lahat.. every single conversations i had wd him.. kainis!.. kaya pla parang nanahimik xa dis past few days/months.. un n pla un.. haAay.. so insensitive nga aq.. OMG!.. hnd k alm pano k sa2bihing congrats ngyn sknya.. hnd nia p kc binabanggit skn 'bout it.. will i be invited on their wedding day kya?.. gosh.. anu b 2ng mga naiicp k ngyn..haha.. nabigla lng cgro tlg aq s balitang un.. i'L be okei bout it i know dat.. =)

hmmm.. while at manila yesterday, napasenti2 aq dhil dun.. naicp k kc gnun n b aq ka-insensitive?.. it never happened once or twice BUT many times na.. aRgh.. kaya ayan, tamang emote ang pic.. senti mode s rooftop....

i hate imitators!!

the other day, tlgng nairita lng aq dun s gurl n gaya2 ng fave song k.. i dunno if wat she's trying to insinuate.. bsta nairita lngaq bgla wen i found out dat it was d same song playng on her account.. i actually posted that song "FIRST", y i knw dat?..its bcoz im luking on her account.. very updated aq in a way.. fyi!.. & i knew from hs guy na updated din xa s account k..hnd k alm kng kelan nya mismo gnawa un, but im pretty sure na recently lng un kc b4 xmas at bgo p aq mgng busy busyhan s thaieh nakita k p account nyang un.. and hnd p ngpplay un.. argh.!.. nairita aq bgla as in.. i posted a blog of its lyrics p man din saying it was my fave song and dat im rili thinking of HIM wen i hear of dat song.. posted d chorus of dat song p nga as my shoutout.. i also copied d song from imeem, included it on my playlist which i have on my friendster account.. lyk duh?.. how come we were both addicted to dat song?.. dats too impossiblei guess.. s dinami dami ng kanta ngyn, bkt un din ang gusto nia?.. can relate din b xa s song n un?.. eh hindi nMn kya xa "iniwan"... hnd k nMn maimagine na pareho kme ng taste wen it cums to songs/music.. and mas lalong hnd k maimagine na pareho kme ng mind wavelength?.. haha dat ca't be, kc she's a smart girl din as they say, but she's "so tanga" on some things..:p hahaha..

..so ol i can say now is dat.. indeed.. IMITATION is the BEST FORM of FLATTERY!!.. dat goes to show na maganda ang taste k kya ginaya nia..haha i got a point ryt?.. sbe ng ibang friends k, insecure lng cgro xa skn.. hmMm at least d skin galingung mga gnung feedbacks.. kila2ng kilala din kc nla ung gurlaloo n un..hehe..cgro nga gnun nga..:p pag pnplay k 2loi ung song n un s car k, s ipod, or s laptop k ngyn..isa n xa sa naaalala k.. hnd n nag-iisa ung guy n un2loi.. dati, it reminded me of HIM lng, ngayon may kahati n xa s song.. haha.. okei2.. iba k tlg..:p nagawan k p ng steps un dati s sobrang addicted k s song n un, at lage k p cnsayaw un pg pnptugtog k s haus.. sarap ngang sayawin un in front of HIM eh.. how i wish.. haha..:p

..makapaghanap n nga ng "newest" fave song.. nasira na aura nung song n un dhil sknya.. haha.. =)

>> cgro nMn hnd na tau pareho s fave songs na'to.. Baby LOve by Nicole Scherzinger, Lemonade (girl version) by Passion & Hero Heroine by Boys Like Girls.. tska pla Take You There by Sean Kingston...

..beginning to be fickle-minded agen!..

Friday, January 4, 2008

..hay ano b 'yan, sana atang hnd k n tinxt mga friends k from manila na lu2was aq 2mrw.. ayan 2loi, d k alm kng knino aq sa2ma.. hahaha.. isa lng katawan k, so mahina kalaban.. pro how i wish tlg na lahat ng lakad na pinapasama nila aq eh maka-join aq..sayang kc if i missed one.. so dahil bakasyon p nMn, eh naicpan kng lumuwas muna ng manila.. sum1 invited me na mag-EK dw kme den go sumwer batangas/tagaytay.. i lyk d idea sana kc southern catch un, kso nga lng may lakad aq d other day so mayta2maan aqng lakad, so wag nlng muna un.. may friend nMn aq gus2 nia ulit mag-divi, so magdivi dw kme ulit.. aun, pde un!:p hehehe, bsta shopping, y not tlg.. tpos another friend invited me nMn n mag tomas morato, chill out lng 4 a while dw.. malamang cofi un or shot2 while chikahan.. so can be din..:p ung pinaka-last, e tnxt aq kng pde dw aq sumama mgpunta banawe, and tingin2 ng car parts/body kits.. hahaha y not?.. tpos may ha2napin n din aqng place n mplapt dun.. hahaha.. hmmm, so.. exciting un pra skn.. magaling p man din aq maghanap ng place, bsta wag lng aq mali2gaw..haha.. 4 sure maki2ta k rin un.. =) kainis, wala c sam s pad nia.. so malamang its either uwian aq or mag slip over aq s friend's haus tpos d nxt day uwe nlng ng maaga.. grabe, toxic s dami ng lakad at gimiks.. haha.. tlgng nilu2bos k ang aking bakasyon grande..=) and im rili so blessed to hav lots of friends.. friends for keeps & for real..:p
..need to go, magki2ta kita p kme meangurls wid cholo, punta Toyota and den cofi2 agen, haha.. Toodles.. =)

hay, malas! argh..

>> wat a xmas & new yir for cholo.. imagine.. for xmas, he had 2 scratches located at d pasenger seat..buti nlng at mejo nakayasa rubbing.. & now for new yir, mas malala.. ang side mirror sa driver's seat e natamaan ata ng bato kya basag at napako p ang gulong nia.. haAaay.. cholo.. malas ang xmas at new yir nia.. buti nlng at naginquire kme s toyota yesterday and ang sbe around 1,6K lng ang lens.. so gud news nMn un.. buti nlng tlg at mababa p ang price.. pero may nagsbe din from d toyota customer na s labas nlng kme bumili.. pro we prefer s toyota nlng.. hehe i know concern lng ung guy n un, kc nga nMn s labas mas muraun 4 sure.. arnd 500-800 lng cgro un.. ang laki ngang katipiran db.. pro 4 cholo, s casa xa..:p so after k d2 s net, we'll go to toyota na.. pra mapalitan n lens nia.. hay, buti nlng tlg.. kaawa kc c cholo.. minalas xa ng xmas at new yir.. cno kyangpumupuntirya sknya?.. kng cno man un, sbrang adik2 xa ha.. hmp!.. kainis xa..

..batch 2005 scrapbuk..nice work!..

his comment! :p

vibrant_lee & shey =)

..grad pic..

~forever meangurls~

luk how "nene" we were then.. :p

mission accomplised @ sasmuan

katuwa.. MGs b4 and after dw?!? shox, can't be!!

..candid pic..

luk owh..heart shaped ang MGs.. pansin k lng nMn..=)

3rd yir college

1st yir college_BSMT

i had dis great feeling of browsing through the pages of the scrapbuk.. i rili commend the person hu had d idea and gathered ol r pix from our 1st yr college days upto r internship, and until r final days..r graduation & gradbol..whew! whatta feeling..=) it brings back to us ol the gud memories we had and also the bad tyms.. but eventhough werili had our toxic lives then, still we overcome all those stuffs.. and hir we are now, some are working, othershave their own family already, and others are still focused wd their studies to be a succesful doctors.. it was rili fun,though im d last one to view this scrapbuk.. actually dis scrapbuk was done a yir ago, jan 2007..wat date r we now?.. haha jan 2008.. and its juz now that ive seen it myself.. i can't blame anyone if ive seen itso late.. its bcoz d scrapbuk was passed on from one pipol to another for US to see it.. nweiz, wehave d saying, SAVE the BEST for LAST! hahaha.. :p also, it was nice reading the reactions/notes that my batchmates have written.. they're rili so eager for r batch to have a reunion.. i guess that's rili a gud idea.. and im also looking forward to that reunion/get-together thing..from all the notes ive read, there's ds one note that struck me the most.. it was HIM who wrote it.. how did i know?..its bcoz its his signature.. he didn't write his name on it, but the signature and the handwriting, its rili HIM..waAah.. i called diday the very tym i saw it and read it.. grabe, dat feeling was totally great.. =) sort of, i was juz overwhelmed by his reaction i guess.. lalalalala.. hir i go agen, i rili have dis hard habit of looking back.. nweiz, enoughabout it..
juz wanna share to u guys some of r pix in ds scrapbuk.. from us bein' a "nene/totoy" to a mature one.. hehehe..u can clearly see our transformation.. :p Nice Work wigi.. =)

..my 2008 wishlist..

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

i don't wanna have a new yir's resolution again coz 4 me parang wala lng.. hnd k din nga2wa ung iba.. pero ung iba naminimize k nMn khit pa2no.. mas mganda cgro if il be doin' my own wishlist for nxt yir.. my wantslist, instead ofmy new yir's reolution..:p ..my wishlist for 2008..

1. meet my guy =) i wanna have a new bf na..im ready to love again.. haha.. :p
2. zajh's sounds setup.. geEe, ds is supposedly last year pa, but d money was used 4 a more important one.. so im hoping for it ds yir..(crossed fingers)..
3. brand new celfone..my globe phone was already 3yrs old..but stil functioning wel, needed 2 replace a new batt lngcoz mblis ng mabatt-empty.. still, need to upgrade my phone, so im planning to buy one.. dunno yet if wat model..
4. new travelling bags.. for out-of-town trips & outside d country tours..
5. new camera, with the latest MP.. 12.1 megapixels will do, touch screen of course,hehe.. i prefer a sony brand ds tym..=)

hahaha.. dami kng gusto for ds yir, pro e2 muna ang mga nsa icp k ngyn..=) pde din nMn ibigay nlng skn as gifts.. hahaha.. y not?.. :p

pacarwash c cholo.. =)

i juz wanna share wat happened to me while cholo's having his complete body wash.. so while capturing pics of him(cholo), and while waiting.. there u go, the reps from patientcare came over too.. so aun, nagkasabay s pacarwash..nung pag-enter plng ng car, i knew it then that it was him.. kc car nia ung gamit nla.. so aun, i waited na makababaxa.. i waited & tot it was him na bababa s driver's seat but i was wrong.. ung isang rep pla (ronnie luk-alike) angdriver nun.. i tot wala xa, and car lng nia ang gamit.. un pla he was d last one na bumaba ng car sa passenger seat.. so aun, pinancin nMn nia aq and nilapitan aq wd matching greetings ng meri xmas.. aq nMn, nagmano sknya nung saktongmagshake hands kme.. hahaha.. pra wlang masabe ung ibang mga reps..:p so aun, nacarried away lng nMn aq kya xa lngnapancin k.. gosh, ang obvious k nMn ata mxado..hahaha.. tagal n kc nMng d nagkita s area kya ganun.. and sad to say,nalipat xa ng area, pamp-bulacan-bataan nlng area nia.. so tlgng kng dati madalang n kme magkita, so expect k ngynmas bka hnd n kme magkita.. grabe, at first mejo nahi2ya pa akng pancinin xa kc nakarep attire cla while aq nka-shortshorts and off shoulder blouse..tska flip flops off course and nkavinatge headband.. =) pagkalapit nia 2loi skn para igrit aq..bgla sbe nia 2loi ang sexy k nMn dw.. hmMm..nagblush ata aq nun s cnbe nia, hahaha.. ewan.. walang mirror dat tym s harap k eh so hnd k alm kng namula b aq or wala lng.. so aun, madami nMng naka2pancin n close tlg kme,though magkalaban kme s products.. ang galing nga eh.. kc hkt magkalaban kme, hnd kme nagsu2lutan ng benta.. pag sknyasknya, pag akin akin tlg..=) gusto k n matapos nun macarwash c cholo kc nahi2ya nko, tinitgnan n kc aq ng mga ibang reps, cgro ngta2ka n cla at bkt hnd k cla pnancin lahat.. nadala lng cgro ng super hiya.. buti nlng nung dumating cla, nakalahati n c cholo.. wax and rubbing nlng dat tym.. after matapos, aun.. alis kgad and hnd nko nkapagpaalamsknla, or sknya man lng.. hnd k n cla nilapitan p s mga inuupuan nla.. tnxt k nlng xa at nagpaalam s txt..hehe.. tpos aun ngreply nMn xa, and nagya2..mgshot2 dw kc cla.. nung una prang ayw k kc nga nhi2ya aq.. so ang tagal k munangpinag-icpan.. aftr s carwash, nkipagkita mommy ni jp ky diday s nathaniels..
so nung asa nathaniels n kme (diday,tita_mom of jp and me).. so while having r dinner there, nagtxt ulit xa kng pde dw b aq dumaan dun.. so after nMngkumaen, and after nMng mkipagchikahan s mommy ni jp, niyaya k nlng c diday n dumaan muna kng san cla umiinom.. may1hr waitng tym p nMn xa b4 cla mgkita ni chow, his bf.. in short, one hour lng tlg..=)
so while at Lerma's, napainom lng aq ng 1 san mig lyt and c diday cali lng, dhil magki2ta nga cla ng bf nia after..okei nMn cla kakwentuhan.. nkarelate nMn kht pa2no c diday.. kaya k din cnama c diday, kc matagal n nyang crush un..mejo nawala lng nung naging bf nia c chow.. pro aun, nagbalik ata aftr dat nyt.. haha.. so nung umalis n kme dun, hiningi nia no. ni diday..haha pra ata ky ronnie luk-alike..:p alm nMn din nla dat nyt na may bf n nga c diday, atmagki2ta cla after nMn dun.. pro xempre okei lng nMn kng friends2 lng.. tinanong p 2loi aq ni diday after kng ayw k b c chow pra sknya?.. haha hnd 2loi aq nakasagot and change topic ang gnawa k.. bsta kng san masaya c diday dun aq..=)ayaw k xang naki2tang malungkot kc.. and ganun din xa skin.. so i juz hope n kng c chow tlg, sana mahalin xa totally..and wag xa lokohin.. kc masa2ktan dn aq as her friend nun.. grabe, ilang days n b kme lage magkasama ni diday..haha..buti nlng at di kme nagka2sawaan s isa't isa..haha..:p nageenjoy nMn kc aq puntahan xa s haus at gumala gala, kc wladn nMn aq ga2win s haus..mahaba haba p kc bakasyon k so tlgng kelangang sulitin..=)
haAay.. ano b yan?.. wat a dilemma?.. bkt b lage aq nala2pit s mga committed na?.. hnd k nMn gus2ng mapalapit nggnun kclose.. it juz normally happen.. & friends2 lng tlg.. so far kc ngyn, i learned my lesson.. & i don't wannacommit d same mistake again.. so ngyn, umpisa plng wen i knew na a guy is committed na, mejo back off nko.. uhmm,kinda casual friends nlng pro hnd nko nki2pagclose p tlg..kht may spark man yan o wala.. pansin din kc ng mga friendsk na super lapitin dw aq sa mga committed guys.. haha i don't wanna end up being a mistress & mas lalong ayaw k namaging isang wrecker aq.. un ang ayaw kng gawin, kc takot aq s karma.. ayaw kng dumating ung tym na maka2hanap aqng katapat k and mara2nasan k un.. ang sakit kya ng feeling n may kabet and may wrecker.. kaya nMn for 2008, mejo magi2ng mapanuri nko s mga nk2pagfriends skn n guys, especially committed guys.. sori guysi know im nice but i don't wanna be super nice to committed guys again.. casual friendship is all i can offer nlng..learned from my PAST, learned from a MISTAKE..... one mistake is enough i guess....