..batch 2005 scrapbuk..nice work!..

Friday, January 4, 2008

his comment! :p

vibrant_lee & shey =)

..grad pic..

~forever meangurls~

luk how "nene" we were then.. :p

mission accomplised @ sasmuan

katuwa.. MGs b4 and after dw?!? shox, can't be!!

..candid pic..

luk owh..heart shaped ang MGs.. pansin k lng nMn..=)

3rd yir college

1st yir college_BSMT

i had dis great feeling of browsing through the pages of the scrapbuk.. i rili commend the person hu had d idea and gathered ol r pix from our 1st yr college days upto r internship, and until r final days..r graduation & gradbol..whew! whatta feeling..=) it brings back to us ol the gud memories we had and also the bad tyms.. but eventhough werili had our toxic lives then, still we overcome all those stuffs.. and hir we are now, some are working, othershave their own family already, and others are still focused wd their studies to be a succesful doctors.. it was rili fun,though im d last one to view this scrapbuk.. actually dis scrapbuk was done a yir ago, jan 2007..wat date r we now?.. haha jan 2008.. and its juz now that ive seen it myself.. i can't blame anyone if ive seen itso late.. its bcoz d scrapbuk was passed on from one pipol to another for US to see it.. nweiz, wehave d saying, SAVE the BEST for LAST! hahaha.. :p also, it was nice reading the reactions/notes that my batchmates have written.. they're rili so eager for r batch to have a reunion.. i guess that's rili a gud idea.. and im also looking forward to that reunion/get-together thing..from all the notes ive read, there's ds one note that struck me the most.. it was HIM who wrote it.. how did i know?..its bcoz its his signature.. he didn't write his name on it, but the signature and the handwriting, its rili HIM..waAah.. i called diday the very tym i saw it and read it.. grabe, dat feeling was totally great.. =) sort of, i was juz overwhelmed by his reaction i guess.. lalalalala.. hir i go agen, i rili have dis hard habit of looking back.. nweiz, enoughabout it..
juz wanna share to u guys some of r pix in ds scrapbuk.. from us bein' a "nene/totoy" to a mature one.. hehehe..u can clearly see our transformation.. :p Nice Work wigi.. =)