..workwith day..

Saturday, January 26, 2008

..last wed, lee & i were workwith_olongapo, subic area.. she had a lecture regarding histograms & flaggings in one of my accounts using sysmex poch 100i machine.. so far, i can say the medtech, Ma'am Maricel understood and absorbed evrything that was on d lecture.. good for her, likewise with me.. =)

after the lecture, lee & i had our lunch at coffee shop restaurant at barretto subic.. actually, dis coffee shop restaurant is rili famous for its jumbo tacos.. i think you should rili come & visit the place, and try their jumbo tacos as well.. it's also a reps place.. why?.. bcoz most of the reps covering the bataan-zambales area go to this place to have their lunch.. and sometimes treating some doctors for lunch out as well.. :p
we ordered jumbo tacos & sisig as our lunch.. and the sisig was so spicy.. hmmm.. why was it kc not specified in the menu that it was a spicy sisig?!.. as in so spicy kc.. sa super spicy nia, after eating, sinipon kme ni lee.. hahaha.. buti nlng we ordered a jumbo tacos, and it then became the neutralizer for that sisig.. the next tym i/we'll visit the place again, i/we won't anymore order that spicy sisig.. grabe d kc nMn kinaya, haha pero buti nlng at naubos din nMn..

hir are the captured pix of the before and after of the jumbo tacos & sizzling sisig.. halata bng mxado kaming gutom dat tym?..haha.. at simot na simot tlg.. haha.. :p

after we had our lunch. we proceed again with our coverage.. nxt stop, was James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital & St. Jude Hospital.. courtesy call lng nMn, so mejo light na un on our part..

..after we finished our itinerary for the day, dinala k c lee sa nike factory store and addidas, puma, converse outlet in subic freeport.. aun, nag-enjoy nMn c lee ka2tingin.. hnd nia expect na mrami tlgng mabi2li, marami kcng pagpi2lian tlg, and may discount pa on all items..=) hmmm, i think u should also try and visit the place.. & oopps don't forgot to bring big, big bucks..im sure, u'll not leave that store without any plastic bag of ur pinamili.. im pretty sure on dat..:p imagine asa 700 php lng ang nike slide, kayang kaya ng bulsa tlg..=) pero if u'll visit some regular nike shops, asa 1k-1,8k ang price ng nike slides.. depends on d style p un.. buti lng at nakapagwithdraw ako b4 kme ngworkwith ni lee.. kaya aun may pinangshopping kme, inabonohan k muna ung mga pinamili ni lee kc wala xa extra money dat tym.. we rili love shopping tlg..:p

..kya, kung ako ikaw.. visit the place na.. it's a new store, NIKE Factory Store located at Petron Subic Freeport.. =)