updated tlg xa.. nyahaha

Sunday, January 6, 2008

u sed, i stop assuming.. whew! who assumed "the very first" kaya?.. WHEW!..


anyway, as i said.. nairita lng tlg aq.. masama bng banggitin ung mga gusto kng banggitin?.. dis is "my account" ryt?.. so juz enjoy viewing and reading word by word!!!

also, i even mention in my blog dat i viewed ur site too.. dats so clear nMn eh.. also, it was so clear that we're viewing each others site.. hahaha.. very updated k rin eh.. look?..

and the "insecure thing"?.. cla nagsabe nun.. NOW im rili thinking mukhang TAMA cla.. hahaha.. see!!

..btw.. u luv shrimp?.. well, yeah obviously!! coz ur loving urself so much.. hahaha.. juz look first in a mirror there and see ur OWN self.. :p im serious.. as in SERIOUSLY!!!!