Tuesday, January 29, 2008

darn! why am i gettin' senti hir ryt now?.. i guess.. it's the result of hearing senti songs.. dunno why, but im listening to Dreamsounds 2 ryt now.. tamang pang-senti ryt?.. hmmm.. fave k tlg til now s DreamSounds 2 ang Stick Around by Azure, When Will it Be Me by Yasmeen, Dream of Me by Kirsten Dunst & I Wish i Wasn't by Heather Headly.. bagay tlg skin mga songs n un.. tska like k din song ni Avril Lavigne na When You're Gone.. nice song din 4me.. & im loving the songs of Paramore too.. ganda din kc mga songs nila, alternative type..

sayang hnd aq nakawatch ng My Chemical Romance Concert, my friends invited me to watch sana.. nagkataon kc na sub-unit sales conference nMn nun s office, so tlgng hnd pde magleave.. kainis.. maganda p man din dw nagng concert nila.. hay, sayang tlg! nweiz, ok lng din.. though hnd aq nakawatch, ngng mgnda nMn presentation k ng actual sales k.. hmMm.. pno kya nyan sa final annual sales conference nMn 2mrw in manila?? how i wish, it'll definitely be fine too.. grabe, im gettin' nervous agen hir.. Help Me Lord!.. plssss...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

..s 22o lng, mas madali p mag-aral eh.. at least un, review2, basa2, absorb & analize, take the exams and dats it.. its upto u if u'l get high grades or pasang awa lng.. u and only ur studies are ur main priorities.. with my work kc, it involves developing my own craft as well.. i mean, watever u absorb or learn today, u should definitely take it to urself (baon m un lage), and proceed.. & u should know how to handle different kinds of people tlg.. every individual kc have their own attitude, so u should know how to adapt to it.. be flexible in a way.. also, temper management is necessary with the kind of work i have & being tactful at all times.. hnd pde s work k ang tactless effect!!! and the most impt. one is job performance.. hir, 4 me its not only gettin' good sales but also ur relationship or rapport with ur clients.. how u serve them, and how u respond to them
when they need ur assistance..

..4 me kc, its not just gettin good grades or good sales.. but its actually how u love and enjoy what you're doing.. you rili don't need high IQ in order to succeed.. all you have to do is believe in yourself, be a dreamer, and aim to reach for that
dream.. hnd kelangan na super talino k, or watsoever.. ability is the very impt one to reach success..

..y am i saying this?.. its bcoz everyone can succeed if they only know how.. a lot of people nowadays are very successful n their own craft, not bcoz they're so intelligent or have high IQ.. but bcoz they use the ability they have in themselves..

sbe nga ni boss, u don't need to know everything in order to be successful.. ang mahalaga, may natu2nan k at alm m kng pano idevelop un at gamitin.. and hnd k mgi2ng successful ng nag-iisa k lng, knakailangan m din kht pa2no ang tulong ng mga tao s
paligid m.. kya it's always nice to build good rapport with anyone na maeencounter m, kht cno p xa.. mataas man ang position or security guard man lng or kalye boy.. kc kht pa2no daw, darating ang araw na ka2ilanganin m ang tulong nila kht pa2no..

..hmmm, i guess our boss is definitely ryt on dat.. when i started working at zafire, isa un s mga bagay na dala2 k s mind k at tlgng baon k un kht san aq magpnta.. sbe nga nia, hnd nia mara2ting ung kinata2yuan nia ngyn kng wala ung tulong
nung mga tao na nasa paligid nia ngyn.. hay sana lahat ng tao gnun.. hnd tulad ng iba na super taas ng tingin nila s sarili nila, na kala m TOP of the line na cla.. ung cmpleng yabang effect!! hmmm.. cno kaya un??.. :P

..nweiz guys, i hope sana may na-gets kau kht pa2no s nshare k.. at sana pare-pareho nating ma-imply un sa life ntin.. cge need to get back with what im doin'.. aaralin k p e2ng report k for tomorrow.. napa-blog lng 4 me to relax kht pa2no..
o xa cge........ aYy nga pla, malapit na Valentine's Day.. haha la lng, sharing lng.. bgla lng napatingin sa calendar na malapit skin.. lalalalala.. =) ryt now, im listening to Not This Time by Cultured Pearls...... "but i can't read ur mind,
not this time!... waaahh.. luv it.. =)