stay @ discovery suites, ortigas

Sunday, February 3, 2008

>>> fyi: supposedly, dis blog was posted last wed (dec30), however, the wifi connection at discovery suites isn't wifi ready.. meaning "kogkog" haha.. der r sum spots/areas where the wifi connection is rili accessible.. unfortunately in our rum, its not dat accessible.. dats d rison y i sed its "kogkog"..:p lol..
whew! at last we're now relieved from our sales conference.. it took me a lot of sweat & breath-taking moments to defend my report.. haha just kidding..actually, the feeling was like a thesis oral defense.. the panel were there, including our big boss.. they're rili analizing the figures that was on our presentation.. grabe, kaloka! i was second to the last in the Luzon group.. and super daming tanong skin nung time k na.. oh well, i knew it then from the start that it would be like that.. super inexpect k n un.. Thank God, coz i rili survived.. =)
..2day, it's a free day 4 us.. so wat lee & i did?.. after we had our total bed rest..:p we ate at Yaku Japanese Grill & watched "27 Dresses" at The Podium.. katabing building lng nMn eh coz we are here ryt now at discovery suites.. =) i can say, it's a nice movie.. it's gud that we've watched it already..
..hir are sum of our pix hir at discovery suites.. d p maxado naha2rap ang pag capture ng moments s cam dhil nga s sales con.. but 2morow, il see to it dat il capture many pix as i want.. =)