oooppss.. wats wrong?!?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

kainis, hnd pla ngpplay ang video.. haha bad!.. nweiz, juz wanna share dat video sna, kso dhil hnd ngpplay kya wag nlng.. maybe, its not meant.. haha.. sayang, hnd nio mview.. ntu2wa lng tlg aq s video n un.. mega pose p man din kme ng deo..:p pro cge, il check wat i can do to stil upload dat video.. malay ntin mshare k s inyo one of ds days.. haha.. but not now.. kc toxic aq.. multi tasking n nMn kc aq ryt now.. as usual..=) hmmm..maybe on weekends, il check wat i can do..
>>i happened to watch naruto a while ago s abs cbn channel lng nMn.. sakto kc kadarating k lng d2 s haus, n while sipping coffee and pnphinga mga paa k dhil s pgddrive, eh nagwatch muna aq ng tv.. at aun, nasaktuhan k ang naruto.. hmmm.. sum1 popped out from my mind actually.. fave nia kc un b4.. he always mention that thing (naruto, naruto, naruto).. tapos n nga ata nia npanood lhat.. nweiz, mkhang mganda nga.. but i was rili not fond of watching anime.. isa lng ata ang tinutukan k at tinapos k, ang pano2od ng ghost fighter b4.. haha corny as it may seem.. pro un tlg.. :p i remember, i will alot a 1hr. break tym to watch dat anime.. my mom will call me up in my room to prompt me dat i need to stop 4 a while and watch my fave anime show, ghost fighter.. i love eugene and dennis then.. haha.. and afterwards il resume agen with studying.. well, dat was b4.. my high school days..:p nweiz, enuf about dat.. npkwento p k 'bout my studying habit b4..haha..
>>hmmm, mukha ngang maganda ung naruto.. kso mejo hnd k xa naintindhan mxado knina while watchng it, kc hnd k alm na ang flow ng story.. so maybe, juz maybe.. i'll have tym to watch it na.. para mgka-idea nMn nko s naruto n un..:p
>>yesterday, sam and i watched the movie "I Could Never Be Your woman".. we tot maganda ung movie, pero hnd pla gnun kganda.. mejo boring nga ang dating samin.. nag-enjoy nlng aq kumaen s movie haus.. hehe..
also, i have ds plan of watchng the movie "My Bestfriend's Girlfriend".. starring Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierrez.. haha, kelan pko ngng kapuso?..:p though kapamilya aq, i think i need to watch it.. mukha kcng maganda ung movie.. true--Love rili comes in unexpected packages.. db tru nMn un?.. nweiz, kht Tagalog movie un, pa2noorin k p rin un.. madalang lng aq manood ng tagalog movies tlg, and kc nMn para tlgng mganda ung story.. parang may sumthing s movie n dapat kng mapanood..=) la lng, sharing lng.. i juz wanna fall in LOVE ds valentine's.. haha yikes.. malas nga yata aq s love.. or maybe, hnd p kme ngki2ta nung ryt guy meant 4me.. aHh bsta, malas man aq s lovelife ngyn, i know sumday darating din un.. and il be completely happy n rin.. God is good, i know dat.. and alm kng He knows wats best for me.. so il juz wait hanngang s dumating ung tamang tym n un.. anu b yan.. anu n pngsa2bi k n nMn.. i juz feel like sharing things and talking hir.. nonsense n b?.. haha.. okei.. enuf n nga..
>>Happy Chinese New Yir to all.. Kung Hei Fat Choi.. and advance Happy Hearts Day s mga naka2feel ng love ds month.. =)