..luv it.. =)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

wat can i say.. uhmm a big thanks.. =)
gosh.. a special friend?.. owh yeah.. a special friend gave me a copy of all the greys anatomy soundtracks & colbiecaillat's songs.. actually, dat person downloaded all these songs before the holiday season.. and save it on my usb.. toldme dat im gonna like the songs dw.. and when i got home and viewed the folder, found out it was all the greys anatomy soundtracks and caillat's songs.. grabe.. nagtyaga tlg xa na i-download isa-isa un.. super saya k nun..=) then i shared my copy wd lee, BUT accidentally lee had erased it on my usb.. i don't have a back-up then.. super nainis p nga aq kei lee nun kc xempre may sentimental value pra skin ung copy n un.. tapos na-erase lng nia bgla.. but it was rili an accident.. alm k nMg hnd tlg sinasadya ni lee na ma-erase s usb k un.. gud thing, my special friend still had the copy of all the songs.. so there, got relieve in a way..

im loving the songs of colbie caillat.. especially Bubbly, Battle, Realize, Midnight Bottle, Magic & Older.. luv it so much!:p while im doin' dis blog ryt now, and while doin' my sales forecast and sales update..it's actually my background music.. nice songs, rili.. for me it's kinda relaxing.. it made me not think so much of our upcoming sales conference.. though im kinda nervous na, but i juz wanna be relaxed and think only of the positive outcome & not the negative ones.. i still have a week to study my sales and 2008 forecast.. i hope i won't have nosebleed while im having my report..haha.. i hope the figures will definitely be okay to our big boss.. and i hope few questions will be ask.. =) rili hope so.. :p AJA! AJA! haha..

also, i like the rendition of dianne elise with the song, You're The Inspiration.. like it so much!.. =)my faves for now..

hmmm.. Fools Like Me by Lisa Loeb, Over You by Chris Daughtry, Im Yours by Jason Mraz, With You by ChrisBrown, Givin' Me A Rush by Tyra B, Low by Flo Rida ft. T.Pain... too many to mention tlg.. ung iba i know hnd n ganun kbago but stil like k p rin.. others nMn, newest songs tlg.. dami kc mga2nda songs ngyn eh.. =)

very flattered nMn aq s mga nagsa2be na okei na okei daw cla pag sumasakay sa car k.. gud music dw.. puro bago daw lage..kya ayan, dami ngpa2burn skn.. haha..hmmm.. d kc aq nagpa2huli wen it comes to music.. and seriously i rili can't live without music.. and gusto k malakas music k, ung tipong nabi2ngi nko s lakas..haha.. fit for sounds setup ryt?.. hmmm.. kelan kaya?..:p ~wink~ lalalalala.. =)

hmmm.. i hope 2loi 2loi na 'tong ginagawa k.. sana kayanin k, hanggang sa mawala nlng bgla sa icp k.. im so tired n kc..im leaving it all behind na.. i need my life back.. alm k nMng hnd lng sknya iikot ang mundo k.. naging pasaway lng tlg puso k.. i think over is over! so dis is rili the end.. honestly, i rili tot magka2ayos p kme, gave him a chance.. waited for reconciliation.. naks, reconciliation dw oh?!..haha.. but dat never happened.. gave him tym, pero wala eh.. na2himik lng tlg..
nagpaalam n dn nMn aq sa close sknya, so un n un.. hnd man directly sknya pero dats rili it.. still, im wishing all the gud things for him.. wish him all the happiness.. mukhang masaya nMn nga xa.. and hnd n nia tlg aq kelangan.. sad on my part, but im happy for him.. narealize n rin cgro fully nung gurl ung worth ni kuya.. i can see he rili don't need me anymore.. super sakit pero ganun tlg.. sori if i still rant 'bout it till now.. gusto k lng ishare kng anu nsa icp k at dis very moment.. mejo emo ang dating noh?.. i promise ds will be the last!!
enuf n nga.. naiiyak nko s background music k d2..playing You're the Inspiration by Dianne Elise..

new yir, new number, new phone.. y not!.. anu p kya nyan ang mga mgi2ng bago skin?.. hehe.. let's wait & see nlng.. =)