i hate imitators!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

the other day, tlgng nairita lng aq dun s gurl n gaya2 ng fave song k.. i dunno if wat she's trying to insinuate.. bsta nairita lngaq bgla wen i found out dat it was d same song playng on her account.. i actually posted that song "FIRST", y i knw dat?..its bcoz im luking on her account.. very updated aq in a way.. fyi!.. & i knew from hs guy na updated din xa s account k..hnd k alm kng kelan nya mismo gnawa un, but im pretty sure na recently lng un kc b4 xmas at bgo p aq mgng busy busyhan s thaieh nakita k p account nyang un.. and hnd p ngpplay un.. argh.!.. nairita aq bgla as in.. i posted a blog of its lyrics p man din saying it was my fave song and dat im rili thinking of HIM wen i hear of dat song.. posted d chorus of dat song p nga as my shoutout.. i also copied d song from imeem, included it on my playlist which i have on my friendster account.. lyk duh?.. how come we were both addicted to dat song?.. dats too impossiblei guess.. s dinami dami ng kanta ngyn, bkt un din ang gusto nia?.. can relate din b xa s song n un?.. eh hindi nMn kya xa "iniwan"... hnd k nMn maimagine na pareho kme ng taste wen it cums to songs/music.. and mas lalong hnd k maimagine na pareho kme ng mind wavelength?.. haha dat ca't be, kc she's a smart girl din as they say, but she's "so tanga" on some things..:p hahaha..

..so ol i can say now is dat.. indeed.. IMITATION is the BEST FORM of FLATTERY!!.. dat goes to show na maganda ang taste k kya ginaya nia..haha i got a point ryt?.. sbe ng ibang friends k, insecure lng cgro xa skn.. hmMm at least d skin galingung mga gnung feedbacks.. kila2ng kilala din kc nla ung gurlaloo n un..hehe..cgro nga gnun nga..:p pag pnplay k 2loi ung song n un s car k, s ipod, or s laptop k ngyn..isa n xa sa naaalala k.. hnd n nag-iisa ung guy n un2loi.. dati, it reminded me of HIM lng, ngayon may kahati n xa s song.. haha.. okei2.. iba k tlg..:p nagawan k p ng steps un dati s sobrang addicted k s song n un, at lage k p cnsayaw un pg pnptugtog k s haus.. sarap ngang sayawin un in front of HIM eh.. how i wish.. haha..:p

..makapaghanap n nga ng "newest" fave song.. nasira na aura nung song n un dhil sknya.. haha.. =)

>> cgro nMn hnd na tau pareho s fave songs na'to.. Baby LOve by Nicole Scherzinger, Lemonade (girl version) by Passion & Hero Heroine by Boys Like Girls.. tska pla Take You There by Sean Kingston...