The "Complicated" Thingy in my FB account

Saturday, April 17, 2010

..just this week I changed my status profile form single to “it’s complicated”…and most of my friends were asking me to tell them the whole story… so for those who know this blog site, I’m going to share it to you… :)
..reviewing on my previous post, I broke up with my bf last December ‘coz he’s really against my FA dream… and because I am single right now, I am open to dating…  My bestfriend who happened to be a guy, was there for me, cheered me up when I’m down and supported me in reaching my FA dream..  actually, even the little things in me, he knows a lot… and I’m happy that he knows me very well… oh well to cut it short, he told his feelings already about me… and of course, when I found out I was shocked…but I’m happy in a way ‘coz if he’ll be my boyfie, I’m pretty sure that I’m in safe hands, he’s a faithful guy I know that and the fact that I’m comfortable bein’ with him and I trust him a lot…
sooo where’s the complicated part?..  my parents like my ex over him, especially my mom… she’s pro ex.. as in! the reason why?.. kasi daw si “ex” financially stable and hindi nako magpapakahirap magwork pa… mas secured daw future ko with my ex.. I know that my mom is just thinking of my future…  she only likes my “bes” as my bestfriend… and nothing more than that..  my bestfriend is just like me working also in a diagnostic company but he is a Product Manager by the way… even the college friend which I happened to introduce  to my mom, ayaw din nia para sakin…negative din sa kanya.. haayyyy… :(
until now, my ex is trying to win me back, and he’s kinda seeking the help of my parents…. Pero ayaw nia talaga na mag-FA ako which I don’t get to understand his reasons… hindi nia maintindihan na yun ang gusto ko at dream na dream ko… kaya naiinis ako!
I like to obey my parents pero sa pagkakataon na’to parang hindi ko na ata kayang makipagbalikan kay ‘ex’ at isuko nalang basta basta ang FA dream ko… and iniisip ko din pano na bestfriend ko…  
So ‘til now, im still weighing things… me and my bestfriend are still best of friends.. and I don’t know yet if we’ll be together as “bf-gf” someday… the decision is all in me.. to choose between my ex or my bes is one of the decisions i have to face right now.. and still undecided…
so guys, what do you think??? I’ll be happy to know your opinions… 
with bes @ rali's grill subic                                                                                   

bes & his pamangkin (he's super duper  fond of kids)


aron said...

The name of your blog caught my attention, i dont know how i gotten here but nice blog site you here. Amazing..

I dont know about love, but I know that dreams are the greatest fulfillment in life. It seems just right to walk away from your dreams, youll end up wondering what might have been or what could have been. All I can say is be careful with your choices in life.

I hope you dont mind if I include you in my blogroll, i just feel that I can relate to you. You can link my site too.

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jO_anne said...

Hi sis! Super late reaction naman ako! Like what people told you, just follow what and who will make you happy. It's easier said than done pero I'm sure you can. I know rin na you will pray for guidance and I'm sure God will provide for the answers if ever may mga tanong ka rin :)

sheyie said...

@Aron: thanks bro for the comment.. :) also, thanks for liking my blog too.. sure no prob, i'll add you on my bloglist.. :) tc!

@jo_anne: hello sis! thank you din sa comment mo! yes sis, im always praying for that... and hopefully i'll get clearer vision and answers to this situation.. :) God bless sis.. :)