my tearjerker song for now! :(

Monday, May 10, 2010

my fave song for this time... when i watched the music video just this morning, i cried especially on the last few scenes/part of the video... sadly, i missed everything about you! :(

love its lyrics: But I never told you what I should HAVE SAID.. No I never told you I just HELD IT IN... And now I miss everything about you!!! :(

sorry for the emo-fied me! super depressed mode lang ako right now... i just can't keep it to myself.... this is something related to my previous post... and yes, a vision that me and my bes are just 'friends'... :( i've been crying for days now, and the feeling is a total hell... i just can't believe na para akong nawalan ng bf... para ngang mas matindi pa dun yung sakit eh... :( now i realized how i value my bes na mukha ngang mahal ko na siya... but i know its too late na! wala na siya, he found someone new, and super sakit sa part ko... and the girl ni hindi ko man kilala 'til now... nagseselos, natapakan ang ego/pride ko... ganun yung nararamdaman ko right now.... whew! :(
day 1 of me keeping distance from him started yesterday..super hirap! and hopefully super kayanin ko talaga...

**sorry guys for bein' sooo emofied right now... just bear with me nalang.... and please do pray for me as well...


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By the way, have you ever heard about I hear they just finished a new contest called Mama's day out!