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Thursday, May 27, 2010

As seen in my previous post, I thought I wasn’t included in the shortlisted candidates for Royal Brunei Airlines… but to my surprise, I received a text message from PERT agency last Tuesday (May 25) at around 9PM informing me to report the next day at 8am in Pan Pacific Hotel for an employer interview. Oh gawd, very very late notice… I was in Baguio then..:(

The next day 8am, I registered my name in the attendance sheet… I reviewed Melissa’s handouts which was given to them the other day, because they said that the exam that will be given during that day would be all about RBA and “geography” stuff… :D haha, goodluck right!?! :D
When the employer came ( I think they were 5 if I remember it right)..they took our height and weight one by one… some who didn’t meet the said height requirement (minimum height btw is 5’3.5”) were told right there and then that “I’m sorry you can’t continue, thanks for trying”…

..And there my turn came, I’m really fortunate enough that I've reached their height requirement… =)

Second stage : 2 sets of exam ( 1st – English/grammar test and 2nd – Geography)… the 1st test was just easy, but the second test I find it hard ‘coz I wasn’t able to review much on the handouts given to them... I just scanned Melissa’s handouts when I reached the hotel… (oh btw, thanks mhel for your handouts…)
After the exam, we were grouped in two… the first batch will stay for their Final interview with the employer.. the second batch were informed to be back at 1:30PM or after lunch… and I belong to the second batch.. =)

When my turn was called… there were 2 ladies in the room (one is currently a cabin crew of RBA)… they asked me of my name and the lady who’s a cabin crew noticed my pimple scar on my left cheek which was really visible at that time… I was instructed to go near her so that she can see it clearly… and the lady asked if where did I get it and if I’m undergoing some derma procedure… and I answered honestly and said “YES” and I’m undergoing some derma procedures right now… and there she told me if how many weeks/months would I need for it to be removed and I again answered “a month for me to complete the whole 6 sessions”… and they talked in another language which I can't understand what they were saying or discussing to each other… after which, the lady cabin crew told me to be back at the agency after a month and they will check again for my face if the pimple scar is already totally gone… and there, they didn’t anymore continue the interview part, and just advised me to call the PERT agency and be back after a month when I finished my derma sessions… I said thank you to them and told them that I’ll be back after a month ‘coz I really want to be a cabin crew for RBA… and the lady cabin crew said with matching a thumbs up sign on her hand “I like your attitude and your motivation..be back after a month”…
Whew! and that was it… the end of my conversation with them… So when I came out of the room, I informed Ma’am Cherry of PERT of what the employer have said.. and she said, okay will just take note of that and she smiled and said be back after a month…
That was it… On my way to the car, I told my dad who assisted me to Pan Pacific Hotel of the whole conversation I had with the employer… and he said, “sige tapusin mo na yung pagpapaderma mo, malay mo naman totoo talaga sinasabe nila na bumalik ka after a month” and “kung hindi man totoo yun marami pang ibang airlines dyan.. may First Champion ka pa db?”.. So there, I remembered again my First Champion (Saudia) thingy… and that one I’m really eyeing to…

And I asked my dad that before we go home, I need to see Dra Madge to inform her of my RBA experience.. I’m glad she understood me very well, and is really willing to help me to finally achieve a clearer face faster, and get rid of that pimple mark left on my left cheek. And so the “derma marathon” will start this Saturday and I need to see her “WEEKLY” for a faster result… grabeee, sakit sa bulsa nito.. go, go, go sa pagpapaganda talaga for that dream job!!! =)

To tell you guys, I’m a bit depressed actually because I wasn’t able to reach the “real interview part” with the employer that day… but because I am "Ms. Brightside", I don’t want to entertatin those bad vibes and I just want to focus on the part that they want me to be back after a month… yeah, in a sense it may be absurd but I am going to try it.. that’s how determined and motivated I am to be a cabin crew… malay natin totoo sinasabe ng RBA db?.. and it’s also one way of improving myself better na rin para next time, clear of pimple mark/s na ang aking face…:)

And now, I’d like to leave you with this verse. Just for us to be reminded again.. =)
             .."For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~Jeremiah 29:11


Anonymous said...

Do you know when will RBA contact the successful candidates? :) I'm also hoping to get a call/text. Was part of the tuesday batch in Pan Pacific.



sheyie said...

hello sis,

i know they will contact the successful candidates after 3-4weeks... that's what they told us last wednesday.. :)

pray for it sis... if it's for you, it will surely come to you.. :) Godbless... and tc! :)

wish you all the best...

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Yes, I'm praying for it. I'm not a prayerful person, but these FA applications taught me that we should not forget to prepare spiritually, because when we fail, we need to keep the faith,..and when we finally earn our wings, we need to thank God, and remember him, even in our happy days :)

Good luck to you, and let's keep praying :)