Left Behind.... =(

Monday, March 29, 2010

I was soooo down this past few days because I felt I was now left behind.. My friend, Marie (my fa hopeful buddy) already passed Asiana Airlines. She was one of the twenty lucky girls who made it to the top for Asiana Airlines.. And now, she’s not anymore a “fa hopeful”… I’m happy for her, really.. But I felt sad for myself because I felt I’m now left behind.. Oh yeah, I’m just human to feel that way and I guess it’s so damn normal to feel that way.. I’m really, really happy for her, for her success… But I just can’t help myself sometimes that I’m thinking that we used to be together passing our CVs and NOW she’ll soon FLY.. I thought we could fly together someday.. But those chances were all gone because she’s meant for Asiana.. And as for me, where am i??.. still here and trying to find out what airline I am meant for… I really feel so down, but still have this HOPE because of HIM (God). Hope I could FLY someday just like my friend, Marie… I know God has His own way, and I just need to be more patient. I know it will soon come to me… I BELIEVE! =)
Now I just realized how flygirl (bam) felt when her bestfriend passed NAS Air and she was also left behind. I hope I’ll be like flygirl (bam) for another opportunity came her way after her NAS Air thing, and now she’s with Emirates. They may not be of the same airlines, but right now doing the same passion of flying…and seeing the world..

*** by the way, here’s the blog link of my friend, Marie… She started blogging already.. yhay! =) and I’m just so proud of her success.. FLY HIGH sis.. =)
click http://i-viewfromthetop.blogspot.com/