Beauty Madness....

Friday, March 5, 2010

*** A Super Late Post

In the name of beauty and for me to be more presentable to the recruiters of different airlines, I am now into Chemical Peel Session at YSA Skin Care SM Pampanga. Thanks to citygirl (sis Royce) for the info regarding this stuff. Yesss, I do follow it religiously.. :) And right after my chemical peel session, I am advised by my attending dermatologist to undergo some IPL sessions too… Oh crap, I need a lot of money in my pocket just for this stuff (just in the name of beauty)… :) No direct sun exposure, no powder, no make up and not to apply anything on my face for a month… oh yeah, poor me! But I have to follow all these things for me to see the outcome clearly… :)
taking a pic during my 2nd day session at YSA.. (ang hapdi ng chemical, sobra!)   
series of mixtures/solutions and soaps to be used for my face everyday (day, noon and night).. these things are just some of the solutions guys..
14th day after the chem peel session :)

After I finished all these sessions, I know I would see my face clear of pimple marks. And I’m praying to see the results as soon as possible… 

***If you see it in your mind, you’re going to hold it in your hand. =)