Friday, April 25, 2008

***so been to manila today and just got home.. whew! so tiring.. but as u can see, i still have time to write somethin' here in my blog.. :) we had our training at sysmex office, west ave.. it's bout doin some troubleshooting in case our machines have some errors.. im talking here 'bout our sysmex high end analyzers (XS, XT & XE machines or our X-series machines).. i like this training because here its more of application rather than discussion and lectures.. we were trained a while ago on how to pre install softwares/applications and doin' some configurations on our machines.. felt like im rili an engineer/i.t..haha.. sooo challenging.. :) and including the internal parts of the machines were removed, and its us who re-install everything including the wirings and tubings and some boards.. haha.. learned something of hydraulics, schematic diagrams, wirings, and tubings etc.. im pretty sure that if ur an engineer ur rili aware of these terms.. at first, my mind was rili blank.. coz i can't absorb.. its like, huh???? what's that??.. something new.. new with those terms.. haha.. but eventually, as the training continues, im actually loving the training.. esp. the application part.. ehem.. ehem.. specialist?.. haha..
after the training, as i knw i'll meet someone, a friend.. he said that he'll go and see me at west ave.. then have a dinner/coffee daw.. but his plan was cancelled.. because he had an emergency, uhmmm.. reason was valid nMn.. he had an emergency meeting with a client.. so nxt time nlng i guess.. and he called me up nMn to apologize for postponing the meet up thingy.. :)
so after at sysmex office, we proceeded to zafire manila office to get some stocks.. and then had dinner at trinoma with my kapatad mike.. :) he treated me to dinner, hehe.. at aVeneto Pizzeria Ristorante.. hehe my choice of place to eat..:D just imagine, nacancel ung first lakad k, pero gud thing nMn kc dinner treat din wiht kapatad na mike..hehe.. i ordered the aVeneto family platter (the best).. i love their chicken.. and pizza of course.. plus our drinks.. hehe, aq n nga nilibre aq p namili ng place noh.. hihi.. actually, sbe nMn nia kng san k like.. so aun.. :) rili love the food there, naparami kaen k kc libre, nyahaha.. esp. the chicken, i had three out of four chickens and the pizza.. haha.. :) we had too many kwentos, even our internship days at vet were all brought up.. haha.. including topics that were not to be tackled were tackled.. haha.. but nweiz, its okei.. he's my kapatad naMan.. :)

aVeneto Family Platter (i love it) :)

after eating, he bought a shades, and i bought a 2pc from Nothing But Water.. :) finally, because it was around 8:30 na so we go home na.. i handed him the key, and have him as my driver nung pauwe..haha.. tnx kapatad for the treat and for bein' my driver on our way home..:)