*the most controversial blogger*

Friday, April 4, 2008

..recently im hearing news/chismis 'bout this very controversial blog.. hearing names like dj montano, brian gorrell, tim yap, and many more.. then i started askin' who the hell are they???.. why they're so much talked 'bout.. until finally hitting the news right now.. so indeed true, it was rili on a hot seat for so long n pla...haha..
..so for me to fully understand what these things are all 'bout, i mean not just relying on mere hearsays and the news.. so i surfed the net to find the blog..

here's the link guys.. =)
Brian Shane Gorrell's Blog

..hmmmm, so for me.. i think i do believe him.. and i do know that he's telling the truth.. and i know that blogging is juz his way of releasing what he feels and what his current situation is.. so i don't see anything wrong with that.. i mean, we all have are opinions right?.. but the thing here was, there were a lot of famous people involved in this issues.. i mean, they're not just ordinary people, but they're included in the "alta sociedad" clan.. so SHAME on them i guess.. mostly, shame on dj montano for stealing 70,000 dollars.. holy crap, a lot of money ryt...
im just deeply impressed on how he wrote everything on his blog.. all were a must-read i guess.. and im reading everything on his blog.. that's how curious i am of this issue..haha.. =)
..okay, enough.. i'l continue reading na..haha.. tha's all for now.. XOXO.. =)