panic attack: 4/16/08

Thursday, April 17, 2008

*zajh's battery's dead.. :c

what a day for me.. argh! it was really sooo bad... i was in balanga bataan a while ago, doin' my rounds.. i have no idea that it will be happening.. honestly.. so as usual.. the typical shey "panicked".. oh gosh.. i wont forget this day.. i parked my car -- zajh in front of st joseph hospital.. do my thing of course, covered ma'am lorraine, the chief medtech.. delivered stocks and followed up the collection.. and then, after that.. im 'bout to go to ICMC when i, suddenly wasn't able to start the engine.. i repeated again and again.. but zajh really can't.. so there, i knew then that the problem might be the battery.. i hurriedly called for help.. called the "manong" who was then busy assisting some of the cars in getting their parking and reversing their cars when they leave the parking area.. also called for help in the shop where zajh was nearly located.. including some tric drivers who were "usiseros" at that time.. haha.. asked them if what should i do, how can i start the engine, where's the nearest auto supply where i can buy a new battery if in case it was rili dead.. luckily the people out there at that time were all nice to me, gave the assistance i needed.. until we, oh no -- they finally fixed zajh's batt.. despite the direct heat of the sun at that time and all those sweats.. gosh, all i can say.. they're really nice people.. =)

honestly, i just know how to drive and do some carwash.. but i really don't know something when it comes to fixing the engine or those kind of troubleshooting and even changing flat tires.. hmmmm guess, i need to exert an effort from now to know these kind of things.. so that i would know what i need to do when these things happen again.. we really can't tell when will these things happen again aryt?.. so we just need to be ready all the time.. hmmm, my bad!..

so wat happen to me a while ago was a total disaster.. but because of the good help i received from them, i survived.. haha.. thanks to all those guys..=) of course, i paid them for the help and effort they gave.. gave them their kanya-kanyang pang merienda.. =) i guess that's fair enough.. 100php per person was enough aryt?.. and that disaster happened during lunch time.. so i guess 100 bux per person was fair enough for them to have their good lunch, after the disturbance i caused them just for me to start zajh's engine and continue with my rounds again.. hay, bad day.. but its okay, at least now i know what i should do the next time.. =) it's really time for me to learn those kind of stuffs.. haha.. tigas kc ng ulo k eh.. haha, Goodluck! :))