~the BLACK SUEDE_VSMMC sandal~

Monday, April 21, 2008

i got curious on the news that talked 'bout these "VSMMC Doctors Unethical Practice".. so what i did.. i searched it on the net to actually see it for myself the whole video of it.. and what to say now?.. Shame on these Doctors & Nurses tlg!!! grabe, it's rili soooo unethical.. and the fact that they took a video of it showing these doctors and nurses laughing out loud and feasting on him while the patient doesn't know what's goin' on.. that's totally 'WTF'... i know a lot of good doctors out there.. and super kahi2yan s part ng mga ibang doctors ang ginawa ng mga 'to.. parang pati ung iba tuloy (good doctors) eh nadamay dahil d2.. this "unethical team of VSMMC" were considered a trash to the medical society.. are they rili doctors & nurses?.. parang kcng hind naturuan ng code of ethics eh.. super kawawa kc ung patient, he was so innocent and doesn't know what's the actual scenario when his surgery happened.. super pinagtawanan xa and i totally can say na super manliliit k nga tlg ng tingin s sarili m dahil dun.. whew! yeah, i know mejo katawa nga na "a body spray" was inserted on his rectum by a total stranger he had a sexual intercourse for a night.. pero kagustuhan b nia na mangyare un?.. and okei lng cgro na matawa for a moment but not to the extent na pagpiyestahan xa and kunan p ng actual video while having the surgery and uploading the video on youtube.. super Shame on this student nurse who uploaded it.. yan 2loi d xa ggraduate dhil s ginawa niang un.. tsk tsk tsk... and this i rili can't take.. it was especially distasteful when several of them exclaimed, “BABY OUT!” when the spray can: Avon's Black Suede's for men was finally removed... and they were all laughing tlg.. grabe!!
..for me, tama lng na nagfile ng complaint and case ung patient na un.. para naman maturuan ng lesson mga persons involved.. at least dis serves as an "eye opener" to all the people in the medical field.. and not to imitate this kind of act.. kng ayaw niong magaya and mawalan ng license...
..so to all future doctors and nurses.. may this serve as a lesson to you guys..=) hmmmm.. dami k pa man ding friends na future doctors n nyan.. hehe.. Good luck guys.. =)
..o xa, thats all my opinion lng nMn.. u can agree or disagree with me nMn.. what the heck if u don't agree with me.. as i said its all my opinion.. aryt?..

hirs the video nga pla, in case you haven't seen it yet..