~my first lecture?.. at ICMC~

Thursday, April 24, 2008

>> so i had my lecture a while ago at ICMC.. first part was the Pre Analytical Variables and second part was 'bout the 3-Part Differential Histograms and Flaggings.. so there, at first im totally shy to introduce myself as the Applications Specialist of ZDI Luzon.. why?.. because ICMC is my account and im pretty sure that they will all be shocked.. actually, i never mentioned it beforehand.. i just told Sir Val, the CMT that our Applications Specialist will be conducting a lecture, so we need to schedule it but he don't know yet that it was ME.. it was just right there and then that i mentioned 'bout it.. so, ayun, tamang hinala aq.. they're all shocked.. but they're all happy nMn that im promoted for the position.. but im also a bit sad, because nxt month i'll be endorsing my area(Olongapo, Bataan & Zambales) to our newest sales rep and finally leaving my area na.. haaay, i rili hate goodbyes!.. a while ago, it was rili hard for me to say those things but i know nMn that i still gonna have the chance to visit them again but not anymore as a rep, but as an Applications Specialist who answers all their concerns/problems regarding our machine..
>> it took me 1 hr & 30 mins to discuss the lecture (question and answer included already).. buti nlng they all listened very well and understood the topics well.. and its good that i've answered all they're questions very well and that i have imparted the knowledge i had to them.. for me knowing the feedbacks from your listeners was good and it's actually very relieving on my part to know that they all have gained something from me with the topics i've tackled..
>> btw, i had so many audience that time, there were some usiseros (other reps kasama c friend haha na bglang dumating s lab, and some nurses from the E.R who were all watchin' and listening outside while im discussing..haha.. mejo naconscious aq xempre pero 2loi p rin s pagdi2discuss..haha :))
>> its really true pla, na iba ung feeling once you are in front of your listeners or clients.. naka2kaba na naka2thrill tlg.. and hnd pla bsta2 na salita k lng ng salita or discuss k lng ng discuss.. you should discuss it in a way na lahat ng audience m will get to understand the topics very well, and u need to create some pictures or scenarios na maiintindihan nla, in order for them na ma-pick up ng husto ung gusto mong iparating.. and as an Applications Specialist, you should all know detail per detail.. para lahat ng questions in case masa2got m..
>> so for me, this really serves as a challenge.. im given this promotion and opportunity and i know na they have seen my potential that's why i've been given this job.. so i really need to study, study, study.. haha again.. and again.. for me to be ready all the time.. grabe, sobrang laking responsibility nito because i'll be handling the whole Luzon branch.. so i do hope na kayanin k tlg.. hmmmm... crossed fingers.. :) To God be the Glory! and also, please pray for me.. :)