dinner @ hana-mi

Saturday, April 12, 2008

..been craving for maki and sushi dis past few days.. so where's the place to be?.. i think hana-mi is one.. =)

Luckily, after our meeting a while ago in the office, sir allan invited us to have our dinner first before finally goin' home.. actually, the plan is that he's inviting us to try the spa at Clark called the Well Being Spa.. but because some were in a hurry to go home so he just decided and asked us if we'd like to have our dinner.. so majority of the reps agreed including me of course.. =) ate bing suggested to eat at ShinBi, and then sir arth and i have the same suggestion, to eat at hana-mi instead of shinbi.. yey, luckily they all agreed.. =)

in case u don't know yet.. Hana-mi means "cherry-blossom viewing", it is a spring custom in Japan..

..The glory of Hanami, rather than the sushi, is the variety of cooked Japanese dishes that make up about half the menu. These preparations are the backbone of home-style Japanese cuisine and often get short shrift at most Japanese restaurants, also eager to capture a part of America's sushi frenzy..

>> so guys, drool over the pix of what we ordered.. like what i've said, it's my craving for now so what i did?? pig out!!.. haha.. :))

>> these were the pix i took from my cam, i didn't get the chance to take a pic of all our orders.. hehe bka maubusan kc aq eh.. :))

~tofu steak~

~seafood ramen~

~ika fry~

~Hanami Maki--my fave~

~my chopsticks~

~my work of art--walang magawa s garnish..haha~

OBTW, Thanks to Sir Allan.. we didn't know at first that it was a treat.. haha.. hmmmm.. sarap tlg pag libre.. :))