A Quick Update

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Since I knew from PEX that there were girls who already received a text message from PERT last Friday, I called the agency just this afternoon to follow up and confirm the status of my application. The reason why I called is because my phones have no signal from the day the girls received a text from PERT which is Friday, ‘til Saturday because I am in Morong, Bataan attending our company’s summer outing. 
Sad to say, I’m not included on the shortlisted candidates who will be having their Final Interview on May 24, 2010… :( So there you go, this is again another thing to be sad about.. From love life depression and now, career depression… oh crap!  :( sad, sad, sad….(grabe na'to ha, super malas ko naman ata these days...huhu)
For those who were so lucky to receive a text from PERT… Good luck to you ladies. How I wish I’m part of those shortlisted candidates…  
Anyways, that’s life… Life goes on… God bless everyone! And may the good Lord bless me as well… :)

Hoping that we will all achieve our dream of flying soon, in His time… :)


jO_anne said...

Sis!! Hug!!! I was expecting pa naman na you'll be included sa FI nung tinanong mo ako naisip ko nga, si "Shey magffly na for RB" , pero ok lang yan, may Saudia ka pa sis mas maraming destination yun.

sheyie said...

hello sis.. :) thank you... grabeee kadepressan ko dis days kaya ngayon lang nagkatime for this blog... yes sis, may 1st champion pa..hopefully yun na talaga.. :) yoko na mdepress ulit eh... ^_^