the TRIAL RUN of SCTEx.. =)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

>> so as what i've promised.. i said that i'll kip u posted bout this thingy.. so hir it is..

a while ago, at exactly 1pm the SCTEx was opened for all motorists.. it's a trial run and free toll for this holy week break.. today, March 18 it was opened from 1:00pm to 5:30 pm.. and 2morrow til Monday (March 19-24) it will be open from 5:30am to 5:30 pm.. =)

hnd man aq mxado excited noh?..=p nacurious kc aq s daan kc nga bago and for me to see n rin kng tlg ngang 45mins drive lng ang subic-clark.. so dhil pauwe n rin nMn aq ng pamp kanina, so i decided na might as well try the SCTEx.. and see it for myself..=) haha.. ang sarap mgdrive dun in fairness.. wala p kc mxadong sa2kyan.. halos wala k kasabay s daan.. gud thing n nauna tlg aq.. actually, dnrive k lng xa for 30 mins.. starting from the subic tollgate until the clark exit.. grabe, only 30 mins drive.. =) woohoo.. 45 mins. nga xa i think kng cgro normal driving and normal speed k lng.. kso aq kc gusto k mbilis.. so my speed was a 120, 130, 140.. kaya p xa actually ng mas mabilis kso may mga police na nagba2ntay s gilid ng daan at some points.. kaya aun.. super sarap tlg magdrive knina, solo k pa kc ang daan knina..haha.. hnd p kc gnun karami ang nagtry na dumaan.. tama nga na 49 km from subic to clark.. and from subic to my crib is 88.2 km.. =)

>> hir r some of the pix i got using my cam.. =)

~my speed at SCTEx.. =)

~mileage from subic tollgate upto my crib..

>> guys, try SCTEx n rin.. hehe.. =)


david santos said...

Excellent posting. I loved this blog.

The world is at war against the pedophilia.

juztoofly said...

hi david.. tnx 4 d comment.. =)