~it was a lot of fun!~

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

so there i am.. almost a week stay at baguio country club.. so freakin' cold that i juz wanna stay to bed all day & night sleeping..haha.. BUT i shouldn't juz be so laid back and won't do anyting at all.. im there to chill and to relax.. enough first of my toxicated life, my stressful work & the day-to-day quota thingy buggin' my mind..

we stayed at baguio country club.. great place, good food & very accomodating staffs.. of course, i love their breads & cakes.. especially their banana cake, big cinnamon roll, chocolate muffins & their strawberry cake.. so yummy! =p i never forgot to bring pasalubong to my lil sissy, tahmee.. that's her faves too, i know that.. that's why when i got home, she had almost eaten everything i bought.. haha.. good thing she didn't attempt to eat the pasalubong that i'll give to some of my clients, esp. the ones for him.. save by the bells.. haha =p

i enjoyed jogging there.. i guess its bcoz of the climate.. u won't feel like ur sweating a lot bcoz of the cold weather.. i've been to baguio several times but this was my first time to experienced jogging there.. my previous stays was always a walkathon session.. haha.. thanks to ate leisa.. =)

..wel, of course! we went to the different spots at baguio.. session road, camp john hay, burnham park, nevada square, ukay-ukay stores, wet&dry market, sm baguio & forest house.. unfortunately, we didn't have the chance to go to La Trinidad.. coz its raining so hard when we planned of goin' there.. we might juz have muds on our feet.. haha.. guess its rili a wrong timing for us then..

but overall, my whole stay at baguio was great.. i love their floats & also the different types and color of the flowers.. luv it so much!.. wish i'l receive a bouquet of flowers as big as their float.. haha.. juz kiddin'.. =p