i love Secondhand Serenade.. =p

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i love his songs, i love JOHN VESELY.. he's cute, and he's rili awesome! love his songs so much on the last album_AWAKE..=)

1. Half Alive
2. Broken
3. Vulnerable
4. Your Call
5. Maybe
6. Its Not Over
7. I Hate This Song
8. Awake
9. Take Me With You
10. Let It Roll
11. Last Song Ever
12. End

..and NOW they came out with his latest album_A TWIST IN MY STORY.. some of his songs i've downloaded already.. and their nice too.. i think, its worth for me to buy one.. hmmmm...=) included in this album are:

1. Like a Knife
2. Fall for You
3. Maybe
4. Stranger
5. Your Call
6. Suppose
7. Twist in My Story
8. Why
9. Stay Close, Don't Go
10. Pretend
11. Goodbye

..Thumbs up to JOHN VESELY.. love him a lot.. Keep Rockin'!.. =p