I Can't Give Up On It Right Now...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yes, I’m tired of my work as a P.A.S, and seriously, I’m thinking of resigning from work... That thought actually ran through my mind a couple of months ago, just last September I guess... I've been to a point where my resignation letter is all set, just have to print it and finally pass it directly to my Big Boss... but I prayed for it, really asked for God’s guidance and contemplated a lot regarding this matter... I’m a believer of signs, so I asked the Lord for some signs. And yes I was given some "signs" if I’ll continue to pass my resignation letter before the year ends or not... Seriously it was not a great idea for me to resign because I have no back up work or there’s no “new work” waiting for me, but just the mere fact that I want it to stop because I’m terribly TIRED and I want a NEW career... that’s just what I’m thinking then.. and so the Lord gave me signs.. SIGNS that I shouldn’t give up, not now... and that I should WAIT a little more.. I can’t mention those “signs” here in my blog, because I guess it’s just for me.. So guys I’m really sorry if I can’t spill it here.. I hope you do understand...

And I do realized after I was given the ‘signs’ that I really shouldn’t resign from my work because I have a car and a house to pay monthly... o’well yeah, when I had this urge of resigning I certainly haven’t thought of my car and my house... impulsive thinking i guess.. my bad after all... if I’ve pushed through with my resignation, I can’t pay for these blessings... I’m thanking the Lord with all these blessings He had given me and that at this early age of 25 I have my own car and my own house... a simple car and a simple house, but for me it’s a huge, huge blessing coming from Him. All the hardwork really paid off... =)

my crib =)

my car - zajh

So now, I can say that I really can’t give up on my career as a Product and Applications Specialist. But if time comes that the Lord will let me follow my dream and be a cabin crew, then let it be! He knows what’s best for us... So trust your Life with the Lord, our God... =)


miemiemie said...

hi sis,thanks for dropping by. i super duper hate magic cream,as in sinusumpa ko..anyway,here are the only things i put on my face since i've stopped using that shitty cream

1. cetaphil
2. pond's toner
3. nivea baby moisturizer

that's it. just let your skin rest and it'll go back to its normal state eventually :)