Monday, December 7, 2009

..just wanna share to you guys what my friend (Ate Tin) have written in her blog a couple of days ago... =) I certainly believe and agree with her blog, that's why I'm sharing it to you... =)

Friendship of Ex-Lovers ~ Is it Worth Keeping or Throwing Away?


After having a little chat with one of my Sisses (you’ll know who you are while reading this), I was suddenly inspired to write...

“Friends can be Lovers but Lovers CANNOT be Friends...”

I think this is the most miserable statement of all.

Personally, I believe that Ex-Lovers would make the Best of Friends. Pathetic you may say but I still believe that Ex-Lovers know each other more than anyone else in the world (aside from, of course, their current partners). At some point in their lives, they had become so glued to each other, spent most of their time together and gotten to know every significant person (i.e. family members, relatives, circle of friends) in each other’s lives. They had become the most attentive ear who listened to every word that the other had said ~ whether he recounted a humiliating day or bragged about an achievement... the most generous hand who supported one another whenever needed... the broadest shoulder whom each had cried on... the inspiration, critic, fashion consultant, movie companion, food trip partner, adventure buddy, “Santa Claus” in every occasion (i.e. monthsary, anniversary, birthday, Christmas) , driver, secretary, escort... the all-arounder... In short, they had not only been into a romantic relationship with each other but had also built friendship.

Friendship is a “treasure” that any person could have so why would anyone want to deprive himself of such gift? A person may not be financially well-off but being rich in friendship could make him the happiest to ever live on earth. With this, I think, no person should throw away any relationship that he had, even if it ended so badly. If he would look on it on an optimistic perspective, he would realize that the heart-breaking-soul shattering experience he once had with that person, provided the "loam soil" on which he had grown into a wiser, stronger and more matured person. With that, he would be a better partner to the next person he had chosen to love and get involved with. He also had to admit that he owed his Ex-lover a big chunk of what kind of person (perhaps successful) he had become at the moment. He also had to thank the other person for giving him the chance to meet and gain new friends (i.e. his partner’s family members, relatives, circle of friends) because with that, he became ten folds wealthier.

I really admire those Ex-lovers (this is where you enter Sis) who were able to preserve the friendship that they had. I see it as a sign that they had taken things with maturity and had moved on. There is no more hatred in their hearts so they were able to forgive and forget. They had buried in the past whatever had previously smashed them into pieces.

I sincerely wish that everyone would think a thousand times before hurling away any relationship into the garbage bin because the dump truck might have already collected everything and the “treasure-turned-into-trash” would be nowhere to be found by the time he realizes that we wanted to keep the friendship...