New Year In The Hospital

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sorry guys for having no post for the past 10 days of this year 2010… It is because I started my year 2010 in the “hospital”… Oh yes, you read it right... in the "Hospital"... After 25 years of existence, it was just now that I experienced being confined in the hospital. Really my first time… Even though I, myself am a Medical Health Professional (RMT), I have a phobia of me being admitted in the hospital. Since I was a child, I’m really afraid of those injections, medicines and yeah, the doctors… For me then, they’re monsters. Oh well that was when I was still a kid. But when I grew up, I started dreaming of becoming a doctor.. haha.. and I had overcome my phobia of injections, because of my profession. (medtech) I’m the one looking for prominent veins and extracting blood to different people. As they say, Med Tech’s life is really more of extracting blood. We are the sharp-shooters, we are the phlebotomist.. Ü

Anyways, going back to my real life situation…

I was confined at Angeles University Medical Center due to Acute Pyelonephritis. I had severe infection that needs me to be admitted and given several doses of IV Antibiotics (Cefuroxime) because according to my doctor it can’t be treated easily by oral antibiotics because the infection was severe.

Clinically, my urine test showed :

Pus Cells - more than 50 cells/hpf  (OMG - super duper infection)
Bacteria – Many
Albuminuria - 2+

How I acquired Acute Pyelonephritis???

Last December 25-27, I experienced pain when urinating especially during the last urine flow. My mom said that she thinks I have UTI and so she bought me Cotri/Bactrim to take on those days. The pain subsided after I took the meds, so I thought my UTI is all gone. But then Dec. 29 came, I experienced back pain (left side-back area of my waistline), so I thought it was just a usual back pain so I applied Methyl Salicylate Ointment in the said area and took pain reliever (Mefenamic Acid). After few hours it was gone so I thought I’m really okay.

Here came Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve… I experienced it again… back pain, plus now I’m chilling… What I did was, the same thing.. took Mefenamic Acid as pain reliever, and applied Methyl Salicylate Ointment in my back.. and there, I survived New Year’s Eve.

January 1, 2010 around 4:00AM – I experienced chilling episodes and I’m then feverish. My chillin’ episodes weren’t just plain chills. It was like I have epilepsy. (ganon ang pag-chill ko..hehe).. And there you go guys.. I spent my 1st day of the year 2010 admitted in the hospital. Blame it on the UTI that infected my upper urinary tract and caused my left kidney to swell.

POOR me! (i really look sick here, sorry..)

the dextrose & IV antibiotic
fogive me if i can't remember how many bottles of dextrose and antibiotics that were infused -TNTC (too numerous to count, hehe)

January 8, 2010 around 7:00PM – Finally, I was advised by my doctor that I can go home and have my rest at home, provided that I’ll continue my antibiotic intake, but this time its oral meds. So of course, I nodded and promised to take those meds. I was really happy that night, that finally I’ll be sleeping in my own room, in my own bed.. I felt relieved then, really….hehe

By the way, these were all the tests done to me:

Urinalysis, Urine C/S, CBC, Creatinine Test, Urine Gram’s Stain, KUB Ultrasound, ECG, XRAY, Vaginal Discharge Gram’s Stain and Pap Smear… (imagine including pap smear, also my first time..hehe) Ü