~my "not so toxic" week~ :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

last week, im not toxic as what i've expected.. im stuck in the office for a week.. office, aufmc & school, office, aufmc & school.. dat's just my itinerary for the week.. :) naka2panibago.. hehe.. mas sanay aq s toxic na life.. parang kung hnd toxic, parang kulang ung ginagawa k.. parang feeling k hnd aq nagwo2rk.. hehe, dats how i feel pag tlgng hnd toxic.. dunno, kng gnun din kau.. :) i asked our reps, if im rili not needed in their area for the week, and they all had the same answer.. so far, im not badly needed.. it's good to know na walang problems/concerns s area nMn for the week, but SAD for me kc im stuck in the office tlg.. waiting for the time to reach 5pm para makaalis ng office.. :) hehe..
so dahil tlgng maluwag ang schedule k for the week, i went out with some of my friends after office hours.. :) from monday til thurs, puro aq may lakad after office hours..hehe gala tlg! :D all were dinner and chit chat time.. :) good thing, im now base here in pamp so lucky me.. hehe.. more time to be with my friends and loved ones.. :)
last wednesday, i had dinner with a friend and watched "21".. good movie, i enjoyed watching it.. :)
the next day (thursday), im with the meangurls, but unfortunately we were not complete.. diday was duty dat time.. so, sad for her coz she wasn't there with us.. it was again another bonding time for us, MGs.. the actual plan was we're gonna watch a movie, but since we were earlier for the LFS, we just decided to eat our dinner and have coffee at xtremely xpresso while chatting.. :) spending another quality time with my fab friends.. :)
okei.. so our chit-chats wouldn't be complete if we're not to make kwentos of what our actual experiences for now were.. so we had of course our fun-filled moments again and also had our serious talks 'bout life.. esp. our current lovelife status.. hahaha.. but im not here to mention those things.. :)
my weekend?.. i spent the entire weekend with my high school barkada.. grabe, i missed them a lot.. and it was so good to see them again.. :)
and also for this week, i craved for a lot of foods and had to buy one of course to satisfy my craving.. hehe.. like shawarma, isaw, cadbury topdeck, masapudrida and binanlay.. hay, super naka2taba s office kc puro kaen ang ginawa k while studying.. hehe.. i just wish na hnd aq tumaba ng todo-todo.. i just want to gain weight but not too fat.. hehe.. :)
nweiz, though im kinda depressed for this week for things i'd rather keep to myself nlng and not to mention it here in my blog nlng.. kc bka mabasa p ng mga persons involved.. eh mahirap na! basta felt guilty in a way, but all i did was to be transparent and honest lng.. they've done it on a wrong time and approach i guess.. guys, try to read my mind nlng..hehe..para maintindihan nio ung gusto kng sabihin.. hehe.. bsta un na un!.. :)
o xa, nxt time nlng ulit.. i'l continue watching greys anatomy season 4 na.. im sooo close to the finale part.. and i rili love watching it.. :) bye for now.. XOXO.. :D