Monday, August 4, 2008

for the past weeks, me too felt the sudden fuel price increase.. argh! dis past few weeks (3 weeks i think), i never had the chance to go to a gasoline station for zajh's FULL Tank.. minsan pa2gas k xa 500, 800, 1000 or 1500php and the minimum is 300,, and NEVER a FULL tank for the past 3 weeks.. :( i remember the days 2loi when i was in grade school and high school, kahit magpa-gas lng cna mommy ng 100 or 200php eh okei na.. super layo na ng mapu2ntahan namin.. but nowadays dat is never applicable, kng magpa2-gas k ng 100 or 200php ngayon eh sandali lng at EMPTY ka na ulet.. grabe! hirap tlg ng life ngayon.. and dahil ilang weeks din akong hnd nkapag full tank, i thought of having zajh a FULL tank right now.. yipeee.. :) if ever cgro ngsa2lita ang kotse k, eh super happy and nagpa2salamat cgro xa ngyn sa gnawa k.. haha.. :D
i am now reviving my habit of having zajh a full tank every start of the week.. para khit every start ng week eh maramdaman kong FULL tank xa.. haha.. :D and dat is a 'promise'!.. so to start my promise... here's a captured pic, proof na FULL Tank c zajh for the start of dis week.. hmmmm, i think zajh is now ready to go to Cabanatuan for this week.. :)