Backtracking my Career :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

---> Four years ago

After I finished my studies and passed the Medical Technology Board Exam last September 2005, I took a rest for a month, and began thinking of what would be the best career for me. Thoughts of becoming a Pharma Rep was then my ultimate dream. I then started applying for Unilab and Natrapharm, experienced series of interviews, panel interviews and product detailing. But then I thought why not I apply for a Diagnostic Company instead of a Pharmaceutical Company so that my course would be somewhat related to it. So there it goes, I applied for Zafire Distributors Inc., as a Technical Sales Representative. I fortunately got in and that was the start of my “SALES” career.

After three years as a Technical Sales Representative (TSR), I was then promoted to become the Product and Applications Specialist for the whole Luzon area. After a year as a P.A.S, there came my continuous thought of pursuing my childhood dream, which is to become a Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew. I want to travel more, not only here in the Philippines but I like it to be worldwide. I want to see the world, meet new people and learn different cultures and traditions. My drive to pursue my “FA dream” grew stronger every day. Every time I have spare time, I would normally google my dream and click different sites of FA's themselves which inspires and motivates me a lot to become one. Also I decided to join PEX (Pinoy Exchange forum)for me to get more infos regarding application of different airlines, requirements and how the applications and interviews goes like.

And at this moment, I had series of applications (oh yeah, 4x with Qatar Airways and once for Emirates just this year, 2009) but unfortunately wasn’t able to make it through. Talk about depression due to this failed applications, I wouldn’t deny that fact. I guess it’s pretty normal for a person to be depressed especially if he/she didn’t get what she wanted. And these series of failed applications won’t stop me from reaching my dream. I would certainly not stop ‘til I reach the top. I know in time I’ll be flying and I’ll soon see the world. I honestly admit the fact that I’m seeing myself as one, and that I am already having some visions of me in the sky. And I can’t wait to say this phrase on the plane... “Welcome Aboard!”

** DESTINY is calling me..Open up my EAGER eyes..Coz I’m Ms. BRIGHTSIDE... ;)