~she's got talent!!!~

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

wow! another talented PINAY (Madonna Decena).. :) a proud to be pinay & mom.. with two daughters and she's a single parent btw.. she joined Britain Got Talent not just for the sake of reaching for her dreams, or aiming for popularity or fame.. but for a more important purpose of saving money for her daughter's future.. incredible indeed.. awwww.. :) money is really hard to earn here in the Philippines.. that's why she had no choice but to leave the Philippines to earn money abroad for her daughters.. pretty tough choice. but i think she's starting to get what she wants.. it's like an aswered prayer for her.. hmmm, good for her right? :)

beautiful voice, very fantastic!.. whew, standing ovation from the audience.. i think she has a really huge chance of getting to the finals.. :) Go Girl.. :)