..my 2008 wishlist..

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

i don't wanna have a new yir's resolution again coz 4 me parang wala lng.. hnd k din nga2wa ung iba.. pero ung iba naminimize k nMn khit pa2no.. mas mganda cgro if il be doin' my own wishlist for nxt yir.. my wantslist, instead ofmy new yir's reolution..:p ..my wishlist for 2008..

1. meet my guy =) i wanna have a new bf na..im ready to love again.. haha.. :p
2. zajh's sounds setup.. geEe, ds is supposedly last year pa, but d money was used 4 a more important one.. so im hoping for it ds yir..(crossed fingers)..
3. brand new celfone..my globe phone was already 3yrs old..but stil functioning wel, needed 2 replace a new batt lngcoz mblis ng mabatt-empty.. still, need to upgrade my phone, so im planning to buy one.. dunno yet if wat model..
4. new travelling bags.. for out-of-town trips & outside d country tours..
5. new camera, with the latest MP.. 12.1 megapixels will do, touch screen of course,hehe.. i prefer a sony brand ds tym..=)

hahaha.. dami kng gusto for ds yir, pro e2 muna ang mga nsa icp k ngyn..=) pde din nMn ibigay nlng skn as gifts.. hahaha.. y not?.. :p